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Pick up the headlines in a major city like New York and the title may read:
“Man murders his wife to collect a half of a million dollar insurance policy." 
Or; "Woman sells daughter on the street, to get money to buy crack cocaine."

Identity theft is fast becoming the no.1 crime in the U.S. Are people all over 
employing the strategy of; "working the system" instead of employing; 
"the system of work"? 

If today someone finds a wallet on the street and it contains 1,200 
dollars in cash and a driver’s license, how many would even look
in the phone book to see if the person is a local?

Have people become so accustomed to quick gain, that they forget
that ill-gotten gains are dishonest and comes with the price of; 
"what shall shall reap?"

Do a lot of folks think that if they "get over" on a sucker, that they 
have done well? This Nation was founded on Biblical virtue and trust. 
A hundred and fifty years ago – a man’s word was his bond.

Yet how many Americans would say that if a mail bag with $60,000
in fives and tens were to fall out of the back of a mail truck, that 
they would throw a party!! 

What is happening to the morals of this nation? I speak not for the GOD fearing Christians,
but for the Christians who may think; well I know it is wrong to steal, but if I ask for
forgiveness, GOD will forgive me.

GOD does forgive, but He also expects the person to be 
repentive in their asking, for HE knows the hearts of all
of us, and if we ask forgiveness and turn not away from wickedness, 
then do you expect HIM to forgive? 
"Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s wife, nor
his ass nor his house."

But how many folks, when they see a rich man
in a two thousand dollar suit surmise to themselves; why can't
that be me? They see a mansion on a hill and think; "why do
not I deserve a house like that?" 

Money is not the root of all-evil for the bible says; "the love of 
money is the root of all evil." Yet today - How many so called born again
Christians...seem to LOVE money more than they LOVE GOD?

We are supposed to love HIM first, and above all things.
(We do have a jealous God)  How many Christians do that today?
The LORD says "if you love ME, you will keep My commandments." 

Therefore, does this mean that if we are steady breaking commandments that we have NOT
the LOVE for GOD? You got it right, because the LORD would have not said " if you love Me".. 

People say then well what about grace and forgiveness? 
I tell them that they do in fact exist. 
But JESUS said in the NEW TESTAMENT...."You cannot serve GOD
and mammon." 

The greek word for mammon is MONEY! Do I take this to
mean that a man of GODS cannot be rich? Of course not, 
for GOD can bless a man with riches, because a man
of GODS will take the riches and do things for GOD with
them.  Look at King David and Solomon...they were super rich.
Spread the gospel! For this man of GOD is not serving
money, he is serving GOD. The bible says "first seek ye the
kingdom of GOD, and these things will be added unto you."

How many seek GOD first? I say this in no means to come
off as "holier than thou" to anyone. GOD IS NOT A RESPECTER

He will not do a single thing for me, that He
will not DO FOR YOU. But first you have to seek Him. 
The bible says that "many are called but few are chosen."

"Not every man that calleth on My name, shall see the
kingdom of heaven, for wide is the gate, 
and narrow is the path." 

What path are you on? Just a thought. I pray for YOU ALL,
and this nation, as I see a need for a national revival
to bring it back to the honor system that is what once
made it great. 

It is still a great nation. But it would be blessed BEYOND
MEASURE if people would just seek GOD first.


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