Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

Holy Spirit Admonitions:  (Righteous Judgment)

1. Walk ye hand in hand with God, each step by faith in Him.
For the Word of God states; "The steps of a righteous man are
ordered by the LORD."

2. Let your walk be as this..instead of a "look at me"
outlook, let the Holy Spirit lead you into a "look at Him"
For to walk in Gods love is a walk that is not boastful. nor proud.
It is humble,  and counts not wrongs done against it. It prays for those
whom are lost and seeks to have the LORD restore those whom the Devil 
has defiled.

3. This will manifest itself in to a "true spirit of love"
which will always lift others up. For perfect love always
prevails. "Perfect love hath no fear. 

4. Perfect love always judges itself, instead of others,
It looks to the inside, before it looks to the outside.

5. Instead of seeing what other people do wrong, ask
yourself, what can I now do that would be right in the eyes
of the Lord? 

Therefore when you see other people sinning,
the LORD would have you pray for them. Ususally withouth them
ever having knowledge of it.

6. The eyes of the Lord, never blink, and the ears of the
Lord, hear even that which is yet unspoken.

7. A man of Gods conducts himself wisely, for he knows
that the eyes and ears of the Lord, are cast upon him at
all times.

8. The only right way to do anything, is to understand
how the Lord would have the man do it, which means to:
know the Word of God, and act upon it.

"Be ye not hearers only, but doers of the word. Obey
the commandments of the LORD."

9. A man has to understand that which is wrong, in the
eyes of the Lord, before he can know that which is right
in the eyes of the Lord.

Since the heart of man is easily decieved - ask the LORD
instead of trying to decide that which is evil; from that which is good.
Only the LORD can discern the difference.

10. Everytime a man speaks, he should consider first
before he opens his mouth, is he going to be blessing or

11. The true man of Gods, will do nothing on his own, for
without the Lords help, the only power he has on his own is the
ability to sin.

12. Those who submit themselves to the lead of the Holy
Spirit, and let it guide them, in all that they say or do
they have went from being a natural man to a supernatural

13. Those who truly love God, truly Love others.

14. He whom is wise in his own eyes, has become a fool
in his own conceit.

15. Those who reach up first, shall in no wise ever be
made last.

"Those whom put themselves last; the LORD puts first."

16. For the Lord to walk beside a man, step by step, the
man first has to be humbled by, the awesome power of God.

17. As a parent leadeth a small child, so will I also,
lead you.

18. The difference between finite and infinite can be
described as thus: finite is what you can do for the Lord,
to serve him. Infinite is what Christ done for us, on the
cross at Calvary.

19. If you could pay your way into life with Christ, and
rates were very cheap, say (one cent for every thousand
years} plus you owned all properties on earth, including
all of the monies of every nation, you still would go
broke, before you could pay the debt of buying eternity with Christ! 

Christ paid that for us!


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