Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

                             " Are You Saved By Grace"?   (sermon)

"Out of the mouth, confession is made to Lord Jesus
into salvation". So that when someone confesses the

Lord Jesus as their savior, believes that He died
for their sins, and asks forgiveness while also

believing that He is risen, then salvation is given.
For we are NOT saved by our works, but by grace.

This is the free gift, that one HAS to accept, to
be saved. The grace of Jesus Christ is what makes us

"free" from sin, and the Law. For what the law could
NOT do, the grace of Christ can. For no-one could

keep the law, and that is why a new covenant was
given. So if we are free from the law, by having

faith in Christ, then we are "under grace". Do not
take this to mean that because we are no longer

"under the law", that we can sin all the more
because we are saved by grace. For the Word of God

says also in Titus 1:16 " They profess that they know
God, but in works they deny Him" for the Lord will

not have anyone to take advantage of His grace, for
He will give them over to a reprobate mind. And in

scripture the word "reprobate" means that "God has
rejected them!". Once you are considered by God to

be a reprobate, then His mercyline is already drawn
and you then, are PAST, the point of being forgiven.

This is why it is important to know the complete
word of God, and not just a few saving scriptures,

for the word says " The man who does not know the
entire Word of God, is unstable in all of his ways".

For how can a man rightly devide the truth, if he only
knows part of the truth, and not the whole truth? I write

this in the Love of Christ, for it is not the will of the
Father, that any man should perish. In Christ, ManofGod

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