Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

"Tried In The Fire"     (short sermon)


"Every work of men, shall be tried/proven in the fire"
If your "works" were done by the inspiration of the Father through the Son;

and "in" the love and power of Jesus Christ, then they shall stand.

However if any of the works, came not from a pure heart,
then they shall not stand, if you had any motives of your
own, say like personal gain, or vanity or pride, 

then these "works" shall be perished in the proving "fire" of
our Lord Jesus Christ.

So let all of your "works" be done through faith
out of a pure heart, and a genuine love for for God, as well as your brethren.

May the spirit of our Lord guide you and the love of
Christ be in your heart, so that the light that you cast
before you step, be done in full faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

"His law is as a lamp unto my feet."

"The steps of a righteous man, are ordered by the LORD."

In Christs love.   ManofGod777

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