Holy Spirit Bible Meanings


"Words Are Spirit"     (Sermon)

Christ said ...The words that I speak to you, THEY are
spirit. What are we to take this to mean? Look at it this

way, ALL words spoken ARE spirit! For, there are ONLY two
kinds of words, TRUE words, which are GODS truths, and

false words, which are the devils spirit, for the word of
God says that satan IS the father of ALL lies! When a

person speaks the truth to you, they are revealing their
spirit! If they have the Holy Spirit, and have given it

control of their tounge, then they always speak the Gods
truth, for the Holy Spirit cannot tell a lie! But if they

speak deceit, and untruth, then they also are revealing
THEIR spirit, which IS OF the devil! For there also are

ONLY TWO KINDS of spirits that are in the spoken word,
good spirits which ARE of God, and bad spirits which are

of the devil. If you want to determine what kind of spirit
a person has, then just listen to their WORDS! Christ also

said " as many, whom are OF the truth, they shall hear MY
voice"..so, when you speak to anyone, anytime, you are

always giving testimony to the One True Witiness, which is
God, whom hears all. If YOU are "of the truth" then you

always give the truth, everytime you open your mouth!
God always KNOWS what the truth is, for anybody. So, if

you want to "hear Christs voice" in your mind, then submit
yourself to telling HIM, the truth, everytime you speak!

If you want to KNOW, that it IS, the Holy Spirit, that is
putting thoughts into your mind, then consider this, what

you hear, will ALWAYS line up exactly WITH WHAT THE WORD

of God or the bible, says about the subject, for the Word
of God, never changes, just as God himself, never changes!

When you are "of the truth" and have the Holy Spirit, then
Christ, whom is "the spirit of truth" will give you

discernment about the words that other people speak, and
if they speak the truth to you, then their words will

"ring true" to your heart, for Christs spirit LIVES there.
But if they speak a lie, or false words, then Christs

spirit will let you know, because the words they speak
will NOT RING TRUE in your heart! This is a wonderful

tool to have in today's world!! For you can always be
able to tell the difference between the truth, and a lie!

No matter who you hear it from, or from any other source
that the words come from, this always works, BUT! It ONLY
works for the people who always speak the truth.

In CHRISTS love, Stephen Monday

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