Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

"Be Ye Doers Of The Word"  (short sermon)

In James 1:22 we read "Be ye doers of the word,not hearers
only, decieving your own selves".

How wonderfuly simple and to the point "be Ye doers" is,
which tells us to incorporate into our hearts, the word of

God, then live by it.
Doers of the word: purge all convictions by asking


Pray for others first, daily.
Their truths are determined by the word of God.

They meditate on the word of God.
They treat others, the way they would like to be treated.

He hears with the Lords ears and sees with his eyes so that
when he responds to someone, it will be the Gods truth.

He/She is spirit lead, and their witness is true, to the
One True Witness, and the Holy Spirit.

The Lord is automatically first, in all things considered.
They will speak no negatives for they know that all things

are possible with our Lord.
Everything they speak, comes from the faith that they have

in our Lord, and in His Word.

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