Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

Holy Spirit Admonitions- New English #2   (Faith)

When a mans spirit, walks in truth, it is Gods truths
For this IS the only measure of absolute truths. The man

knows that God knows all things. So the man never loses
perspective of Gods truth. The man that keeps Gods truths

will never err in his judgment of what is true or false.
When he needs to know, at any time, he simply asks the

One true witness, and the truth of God, is revealed.
Proverbs states..."buy the truth and sell it not", If a

mans spirit is Gods, and is led by the holy spirit, then
he knows in his heart, what is true and truth. Knowing

the Lord sees all and knows all, you will not ever get this
man to speak against that truth, for he abides in it, as it

abides in him, because he listens with Gods ears, and sees
with the Lords eyes, for he has stated unto the Lord, to

be a witness to Him, a true and righteous witness, to the
truth of Gods be told each time he speaks.

For there is one who bears witness with me: Lord Christ
He setteth a seal unto my mouth and tongue, so as to not

defile myself, by speaking a lie to him!
Eyes that see and ears that hear, all know and do this: for

they fully understand the importance of our words to God.
If the truth is not in a man: He is not of Gods, and God is
none of he.

The holy spirit of Gods: is the holy spirit of truth.
A righteous man will rightly divide the truth.

For he surely has it, engraved upon his heart as imprinted
by the Lord God.

He will keep no other doctrine within it.
For it is the only doctrine by which he may know the truth.

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