Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

"When Your WITNESS is TRUE"   (Sermon)


A man can serve himself to give witness to the word of
God. But something Happens when the man who is doing so

realizes that his witness is true to himself and Gods
Holy Spirit. He now understands that just by standing ON

"every Word" that comes out of his mouth in truth from
then on was going to be witnessed by the spirit of truth

the Holy Spirit to of whom one cannot lie, the "one true
witness" onto God. The spirit of truth comes only when

that one has been true to God and himself / herself long
enough to realize that the words out of their mouth were

always being witnessed by the "one true witness" whom "is"
God and that the simplest lie that came out of his mouth

would be witnessed by God. Simply by being of a pure heart
and worshiping by being TRUE to the One True Witness.
(And Keeping His commandments)

Anyone who is standing On the truth of God knows that
you cannot lie to this person (In whom the Holy Spirit lives in)
without God letting them know of it. This discernment is Gods for only He knows
the truth as the One True Witness.
A man of Gods will: 

Always stand on the truth because he knows that the
One True Witness, knows everyones truths and untruths.

In the armour of God he has put on the belt of truth.
Truth and faith produce beleif.
Beleif produces fruits; (Worthy of repentance) 

Out of of the mouth,  such as: confessions, truths,...blessings ect.
A pure mind is of Gods and is free of deceit for his
mind is given over to the truth of Gods.

A righteous man first becomes right when in truth he
confesses the name of the Lord that he believes Jesus

Christ. He whom has kept himself true to the Word of God
shall find Him. "Seek ye me early; when I may be found."
The ..."eyes of the Lord" are in every place... and when they fall
upon a heart that was true to Him - He will "take it" and arm the
man with the"belt of truth."

Hence the words the man now speaks...will always ring TRUE
to Gods Word for he has yeilded his mind and his mouth to serve God
in truth

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