Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

" The Holy Spirit Shall Lead Men Unto All Truth'  (Sermon)

“ The Holy Spirit shall lead men into all TRUTHS “
Notice how this sentence says... “all truths”? This means exactly what it
says: If you are of a pure heart (uncorrupted mind), and have the Holy

Spirit, then it will not and cannot lead you unto a lie. If you find that you
have been lead to believe a lie, about the word of God, then it was not

the Holy Spirit that lead you there. We as Christians are supposed to
know the word of God. Even if you are a newborn Christian, and have

just started to do bible study, you can tell if what someone tells you about
the word of God is true or not. This gift comes from God, and is called

discernment. If what they say is true, you will know in your heart,
because the Lord, will let you know, and it will have the ring of truth.

However if not true, you will also know and feel this in your heart,
because it will have the ring of untruth. Satan has a way of mixing

true words with false words, so that it may sound true to the hearer,
but those of a pure heart will instantly know that it is a lie, for there is

no such thing as a half-truth. Something is either one hundred percent
truth, or one hundred percent untrue. Every time Satan tried to temp

Jesus, he spoke to him untruths. When you take Gods words out of
context, and tweak them to a meaning that is not consistent with what

was written, before and after it, then you are changing His words into
a lie. Some people do this knowingly, others unknowingly. The only

way someone could do this unknowingly, is by not having the spirit
of truth. The bible says “ let every man be a liar, and the word of God

true”. This is Gods way of saying, you have my words, look for
yourself, and I will guide you to the truth. Are you willing to trust

your soul to the words of a man? Why would anybody do such? It
is not like there are not enough bibles to go around. Eternity is

forever, man cannot even truly grasp this concept, for it is of Gods
own creation. The bible is also, Gods own creation. We have His word,

that tells us anything we may need to know about Him. Get the truth,
to know Him: know His word.

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