Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

"Imagine If The Earth Could Speak"  (Inspirational Poetry)

Imagine if the earth could speak
What it would say, of HIS majesty

I was cold and dark encamped by night,
Till HIS words occurred, LET THERE BE LIGHT

And all was still, upon my face
Devoid of life until HE did placed

The animals of vast array
Both large and small HE did create

HE set me to spin at HIS command
And from my dust HE formed a man

A creature set apart it seemed
For it's likeness was such, as much of HIM

For lo this human did also speak
And he gave fourth names to all GODS beasts

And then GOD put the man to sleep
And took his rib and fashioned Eve

When the man awoke and saw GODS work
It was though as if he'd lost his words

He went to her, and did embrace
And thus did start the human race

Now with this pair the LORD did talk
And in the gardens they did walk

All of this of which I've given
GOD spoke to them; this tree is forbidden

For if you eat of this one tree
You shall surely die said HE

Its fruit is knowledge of evil and good
And to eat of it GOD forbode

And all was well until one day
A lying serpent came Eve's way

Surely you won't die, to eat
For this fruit  gives you knowledge of HE

So Eve was tricked by THE first lie
And they ate thereof; thinking they'd be wise

And when they'd eaten their eyes were opened
They then realized they had no clothing

So they adorned themselves with leaves
For they were afraid to be seen of HE

And when the LORD, came fourth to them

They tried to hide in the lush garden
He called them out and saw their clothes

And knew that they had ate thereof
He knew that they would not have hidden

Unless they had done what HE'D forbidden
He spoke a curse upon the ground

So that in all that grew weeds would abound
He labored Adam in the gardens work

To clear the weeds that sprang from earth
He spake a curse to the serpent that caused

For eternity; on your belly crawl !

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