Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

Trusting GOD/ GODS WORD    (Sermon)

If you were a preacher, and was standing before a
million Christians, and you asked this question.

How many of you, trust GOD?
Every hand, would probably be raised. Then, if you

followed up with this question.
How many of you believe, and trust that EVERY word

written in the Holy Bible, is the truth of GOD?
It is sad to say, but NOT every hand would go up.

Why is this? The answer is because too many have
heard men say " The Bible was written by men and

not GOD". What these nay-sayers forget, is that
EVERY WORD, was inspired by GOD! GOD CANNOT LIE!

How can someone say that they trust GOD, and NOT
trust GODS WORD? To doubt GODS word, is to doubt

HIM! First John states that " In the beginning was
the WORD, and the word was with GOD, and the word

was GOD". 100% of EVERY prophecy (about JESUS)
which is around three hundred, and was written,

in the old testament, BEFORE JESUS, was born,
became 100% truth! No other book was ever written

that fortold the future, has even come close to
this kind of accuracy. What possibly could make

anyone think, that the New Testament prophecys
will not become 100% truth? The answer is doubt,

the people that doubt the 100% truth of the whole
bible, are also doubting GOD. The word says that

"pray as though you believe that you will recieve,
doubting nothing". If there is any doubt in your

heart about GOD, or GODS WORD, GOD, knows it! You
may tell HIM, in prayer that you believe in HIM,

but if you doubt ANYTHING, said in HIS word, HE
knows that you are doubting HIM. Doubt is like

fear, fear is of men, and not of GOD. The ONLY
fear, we are to have is the "fear of GOD". For

proverbs says that to "fear GOD, is the beginning
of wisdom". If you want to increase your faith in

GOD, then start by increasing your faith, in HIS
word! If you do not believe this, then ASK HIM!

There are many study tools for finding out what
the word says, about almost any subject. You can

use "word search" or " scripture search" tools at
places like www.bible.com and find out how GOD

feels about many subjects. Learn to use the word
of GOD, as the ONLY final athority of truth,

because it is absolute! There are no (double-
minded sayings in scriptures. If you are unsure

about the meanings of what is being said, then ask
GOD, to give you understanding, about them. I did!

and HE did. Let the word of GOD, interpret itself.
In other words, use it as a guide to understand

what it is saying. If you rely on a man's
interpretation, of what it means, you may, or may

not, get the answer 100% correct. I say this not
to make you doubt your preachers interpretations,

but simply for the sake of doing what the word
says do. "Let no man decieve you", this is written

for the sake of truth, the LORD wants YOU, to see
for yourself, what HE has to say! When a person

starts believing that "Nothing is impossible, for
GOD, then they should also believe that nothing is

impossible for a man of faith, with GODS spirit
living in him. Take GODS words to heart, wear them

as you would wear a gold necklace, for they ARE
the key to life more abundant on earth, and to

eternal life. When you know what the word says,
then nothing satan can throw at you will ever

do you harm, cause you can do as JESUS did, throw
at satan "It is written" ect, for he knows that

"what is written" is GODS truth, is IS, the final
word, for like GOD, it changes NOT.

Blessings to you all in JESUS CHRISTS name!


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