Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

" There's But One Name "   (inspirational poetry)

There is but ONE Name
In heaven and earth,

By which we may be saved
There is just ONES BLOOD

Of priceless worth
That paid for our sins, that day

May all, confess, You're LORD

On every tongue, YOU are the life
THY truths, are in YOUR WORD

Holy of most Holy
Thou has prepared a place

Eye hath not seen, nor entered in
The chambers, of thine grace

A new name in the white stone
Shall we of Thee, receive

As we stand before, thy FATHERS throne
THOU shalt proclaim, that we believed

Our robes of white, bathed in HIS light
Came from THY tender mercy

No sadness, pain, or grief remain
Uncorrupted, we have risen

We walk with THEE, eternally
And drink from springs that glisten

Thy feed us from the tree of life
In the midst of GODS, own throne

In beauty that no words suffice
Save, welcome to GODS KINGDOM!

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