Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

" Our Words"

Our words contain true power

And can set fourth, life or death

They confess, that CHRIST is ours

In those who know, that GOD gave breath

They can convey, the light of truth

Or destroy, from dark within

The force within, the tongue is proof

That ALL, did come from HIM

HE spoke it into being

For the word, was with HIM first

And in his likeness, we also speak

Some bless, while others curse

When we say things, that's not of HE

We are likened to a liar

For words can posion, as disease

A serpentine of fire

Do you spew fourth, wellsprings of life

When thus, your lips are moving?

Or do you curse, and so disperse

What dark hearts, laud disproving

Is their glory, In your story

As you speak to others hearts?

Or are your words, as lies converged

That twist the truth apart?

We shall be judged, by written words

When the Lamb's, books are opened

So think before, your speech occurs

And your mouth, thus, becomes open

For love is what, you should convey

When you, address your brother

Consider what, it is you say

Before you speak, to others

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