Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

       For Prayer Requests     email:   Stepmonday@al.com

My Prayer Phone is: 318-325-7586 I urge you to understand that the LORD led your eyes to this page that we may agree together in Jesus name and let your supplication be known to our Holy God.

The Word of GOD, tells us to "pray for one another" and
I know that this is important, to the LORD, and to the ones

who need it. If you, or someone you know needs prayer, then
simply sign the guestbook here, and make your request

known to me. If you make a request, you can rest assured
that I will pray for you. I would not lie to the LORD, or

you, by saying that I would do so, and then not do it. I
check this website every day, for just such reasons. I

always pray "according to his will", and in John, the word
states that these prayers will be heard. How can I claim

to know the will of the LORD? I know what HIS word says
and the word says " if you want to know ME, than know MY

word", everyone has not taken the time, and the study, to
know this. I judge no-one for that, but simply offer

prayers that are "according to HIS will" for the sake of
those who need it. The LORD, is not a respecter of persons

but HE does honor, and hear, and answer these prayers, for
the promise of this is written in HIS word. No thing is

too small, or too great for the LORD GOD. I say this
sincerely, as a brother in CHRIST, and in HIS love. 
 Ordained Minister  Stephen Monday

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