Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

                       " Praying in accordance to HIS WILL"    (sermon)

People sometimes wonder why their prayers are not being
answered. Did you know, that we are supposed to pray " in

accordance to HIS will"? This is stated in Matthew, I
believe, but the main question I get is "how am I supposed

to know what the will of the LORD is"? Well, I answer that
for one to know HIS will, one has to know what HE says in

HIS word. Take a look at 1st Timothy, verse 2, and you will
see that it is HIS, will, for you to pray for MEN first,

Kings, and those who are in authority over us, we should
pray for first. It MUST have been important to the LORD,

for HIM, to have put it like this. If we will do this first
and then pray for whatever else, we would ask for second,

then we are praying in accordance to HIS will, and our
prayers will be answered. A lot of people simply have not

read this yet, and they are hindering their prayers.
Another thing that will "hinder our prayers" according to

GOD'S word, is not showing our wives the kind of LOVE and
respect that GOD would have us to. So, if you want to have

all of your prayers answered, pray in accordance to HIS
will, and you will see a total difference! I say this

knowing it to be truth, for it is GOD'S truth, and I would
like for all of your prayers to be answered. The LORD has

given us HIS word, so that we all, may come to know HIS
will, for HIS will is in the Holy Bible.

Your brother in CHRIST Stephen Monday



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