Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

                         " Are Your Spiritual Eyes Open "     (sermon)

The Pharisee was none too pleased, when CHRIST spoke to
him, saying, because thou sayest " I can see " your sins

remaineth. I believe that what he meant, was even though
Christ knew, that he knew the old testament scriptures,

that spoke of HIS, coming, his heart was hardened, by
feeling that he, was "above" others. So, he did not

recognize the MESSIAH, as CHRIST. When CHRIST spoke of
forgiveness, and loving thy brother, the pharisee did

not take it to his heart, for in his mind, he had exalted
himself, as being superior, to his brethren. His

spiritual "eyes" were closed, for he did not see, that
when CHRIST, spoke of the blind leading the blind, HE

was speaking about the spiritual eyes, and the lack of
openness of heart, to the truth. The bible says " let no

man deceive you" and " let every man be a liar, and the
word of GOD, true". Do you trust any man with your souls

destination? Why should you? We HAVE the WORD OF GOD,
and the Holy Spirit, to lead us into GODS truths. Read

GODS WORD with your spiritual eyes open, and your heart
receptive to the ONLY absolute truth....GODS!

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