Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

                                         "The Hand Of God"


A brother in CHRIST, and friend, related a story of a
true life experience, that happened to him, a few years

back. This man had occasional severe sinus headaches
that were as intense as migrains. This paticular day

started with one. Extreme pain, does things to a persons
way of thinking, and if it goes on long enough, can
cause someone to not think clearly. Imagine your head

being put in a vise, with the pressure steadily
Increasing. This sinus headache started out that way,

but then it got to the point of being totally unbearable.
Reeling with intense pain, that only increased even

though he said he had taken enough pain medicine " to
where you should have been able to saw his arm off,

without him feeling anything". Still no let up, he
could not sleep, or could not eat, he simply felt like

that at any moment, his head could actually explode. So
in absolute desperation, and unable to even think, he

knew that something "had to give". My friend knew the
LORD, but this unbearable pain, had such a grip on him

that he did not even pray, for he could not think straight.
He had reached his ropes end, relief had to come, one

way or the other. He chose the other, for he had a 38
caliber. He placed the gun to his temple, and pulled

the trigger. CLICK! The gun misfired. So he dropped to
his knees, and called upon the LORD, he told me later

that he had a friend , and the LORD, told him to call him.
He looked at the clock and it read 3 AM, so he says to the LORD,
I'm not going to call this man at three AM in the morning, he will
think I'm crazy. CALL HIM, spoke the LORD, into his heart.

So, he picked up the phone, and as soon as his finger
touched the first digit of the number, HIS HEADACHE

instantly disappeared! He went ahead, and called his
friend, and told him what had taken place, and they had

revival right then and there over the phone, for he
KNEW, in his heart, what had happened. But just to

underscore and verify, the truth of what he believed
had happened, he carried the 38, out to the woods the

next day. Before he fired it, he decided to look at the
bullet that was in the chamber, when he had pulled the

trigger, sure enough, the pin had hit the bullet square
and plenty hard enough for it to have went off. Anyway

he rechambered it, aimed to a safe place, and pulled
the trigger. BLAM! This time it fired, so he went ahead

and squeezed off the remaining five, and all five that
were left, fired perfectly. So again he thanked the

LORD, for saving his life, for there was not anything
wrong with the pistol, or the bullets. But BY THE GRACE

OF GOD, the LORD, did not allow, THAT BULLET to fire
while aimed at his head. You see if there was not GOD

looking down on everyone and everything, my brother
would be dead. But GOD, had a better plan for him, and

to this day, you cannot tell this man that his life was
not spared by THE HAND OF GOD!

Praise the LORD!

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