Holy Spirit Bible Meanings



"Living Waters"   (Inspirational poetry)

The LORD, hath given me

A well of living waters

Springing up through words and verse

That makes His fire, burn hotter

I pray each day, I can convey

His message in your ears

For HE'S the Potter, and I'm the clay

And HE molds, the things said HERE

LORD, we lift YOU, up in praise

Above all things on earth

May I exalt, THY mighty works

And place THY majesty first

May we lift THY glory, up to THEE

And keep none, for our self

LORD, keep our sights, set on THY throne

And our minds, not on this world

So that by, THY strengths, we overcome

To reach THINE, gates of pearl

LORD, set our face, onto THY grace

And keep our hearts, as YOUR'S

And stay our faith, with YOUR embrace

So that, we shall endure



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