Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

    "Do YOU Need a Miracle?"


The LORD Still Does Them Today!    You can get one!

The last part of James 5:16 states "pray for one another
the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth

much." Do YOU need a miracle? The LORD may have brought
your very eyes to this page; to these very words so that

HE could work a miracle in your life! It would not by any
means, be the first, that HE has let my eyes see. HE has

through fervent prayer brought divine healings more than
a few times for people I have prayed for. One lady told

me that she had an "incurable" blood cancer, as soon as
my ears heard the word "incurable" I told the lady well

man's medicine might not know how to cure you, But I know who
CAN. I asked her if she believed in JESUS and she said

yes... then I asked her if she knew the key to divine
healings and she said; "well I think I do, but what do

you think it is?" I told her that I knew that the person
asking in prayer had to BELIEVE doubting nothing that

it would be given, and the person receiving had to
believe doubting NOTHING that they would RECEIVE it.

I then asked her if she believed that GOD, would do this.
She said;  "I do."  Now having discernment in such matters

I knew (through the holy spirit) that she meant it. So I
asked her did she want me to pray for her healing and

she said yes. So I raised my hand to the LORD and said

a prayer of faith; asking GOD in JESUS name to cure her
of this ailment... saying that I KNEW that HE would and
thanked HIM for doing it. She said that in her heart

she felt like she had been cured, that very moment. She
had a doctor's appointment the following Friday and this

was on a Wednesday. She went in to see the doctor and told
him that she had been healed by GOD. They were in doubt

so they drew some blood and ran several tests and THEN

repeated them...to make sure because the strain of blood
cancer that she had they told her more than once, during

a six-month period "could NOT be cured." IN AMAZEMENT the
doctor confirmed "WE CAN FIND NO TRACE OF IT!" She then

gave praise and glory unto GOD for the doctor had just
confirmed what she had felt in her heart she was FREE

of it! Praise GOD! I have said many prayers since I came
Into the ministry and the LORD, has NEVER FAILED to

answer them! And I do mean right now. Most all of my
prayers have been for the purpose of helping or healing

others. I have asked him for direction in my own life,
but very seldom asked HIM for things myself because the

word of GOD, teaches me to be happy with what I've got.
If you are in need of prayer for something in your life

and want diligent fervent prayer; DO NOT HESITATE to
call me at home nothing is TOO BIG for GOD to do!

PHONE: 1-318-325-7586

Stephen E. Monday

113 Colette Drive

Monroe, Louisiana 71202

Just remember believe it to
receive it...DOUBTING NOTHING!

Note* (Just a week ago the LORD healed a 5 year old girl who had Cancer in every
one of her lymth nodes...her mother emailed me 2 days after Joyce and I agreed in
Jesus name that it would be done.) Praise the LORD!

Ordained Minister...Stephen E. Monday




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