Holy Spirit Bible Meanings


  " Do You Have Time?''


When someone asks you, for your time

How might you reply?

Would you tell them sure, My time is yours

Or would you ask them why?

If you love thy brother, as yourself

Then you will lend a hand

And find out what, their needs are about

And do as the LORD commands

Walk with me, a mile they say

Would you then go twain?

Or would you choose, to be excused

And walk away, from them

Perhaps what if, they need a lift

Would them, you then, abide?

Or would you say, I can't today

And not, even tell them, why

What if they said, I need a bed

Would you invite them in?

Or would you say, they could not stay

Because you don't know them

Remember what, the LORD says about

Some have entertained, angels unawares

If they had known, who'd came upon

Them, they would not have turned them down

But still no less, They had confessed



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