Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

 "GOD KNOWS"         Inspirational Poetry

Sometimes the spirit, moves us to pray

We speak our hearts, out loud

For when we remember, what was said

We are surprised, by what came out

The spirit knows, the things we need

So we pray, aloud to GOD

Somehow the words, convey to HE

Ideas yet, thought about

That's praying in the spirit

The bible mentions it

GOD knows, when he does hear it

What our hearts desire of HIM

CHRIST is, our intercessor

As he abides in us

To speak to our creator

We use the name of JESUS

Sometime it's praise, our voice will raise

Other times, we speak, a need

But when we pray, this way, we've said

That we love, our LORD, indeed!

And so, our spirit, prays, and says

The feelings, that we show

For by our words, some things occurs

That only, GOD, would KNOW!

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