Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

                                   " And The Word Was GOD"


First John states "In the beginning, was the word
and the word was with GOD, and the word was GOD. In Rev.

on the last page, it says "let the curse be upon him" that
add to, or take away, from the meanings of the

writings in this book. I do
not believe that the reference given,

was speaking only of the chapter of Revelations.

There was a documentary aired
on ABC last night,

 that added to, what the teachings of
scriptures contain. They held to the notion that JESUS was

involved with Mary Magdalene, in a way that would have
the viewer believe, included intimacy. This goes against

the grain of scriptural interpretation. There is not even
a hint, in the Holy Bible anywhere, that gives the reader

this impression. The writers and producers of this, will
have many idle words to give an account for, come judgment

day. I care not to expound on the subject, beyond saying
what scripture says " let every man be a liar and only

the word of GOD, truth". The producers could have come
up with four hours of fabricating, "so called evidence"

and it would have only convinced, the nay sayers, who are
not rooted firmly into the foundation, of the truth. For

the only absolute truth, on earth, is the word of GOD!

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