Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

Your Christian Wings 

"They shall mount up with wings as eagles; They shall run and not be weary; They shall walk and

not faint."

These "they" as  referred to by the LORD himself; makes direct refference unto you my breathren. 

Jesus Christ, whom reins supreme, speaketh judgement. He: upholds the living word of the Holy God. He and His Words; can do no wrong.  This to some can be confusing because when bad
things happen to people who appear good; remember there are no good people...according to
what the LORD hath said; "There are no good people - no - not one." (The spirit within someone may be good) but there are none made of flesh which are "good" in of themselves.

It is the job of the Holy Spirit. (By his own declairation "I will, I shall") He taketh that which Satan intends for evil; and turneth it into good. 

The only "good" a man can do is pray; (In  Jesus name, unto the Father, within the will of God.) When he does so, it takes the theeth out of the enemy.

Jesus never fails; "to take that which Satan intends for evil, and turn it to good, for this cause was I made" exclaims Jesus Himself.


(Remember "Oh death, where is thy sting? A life in Christ.) There is no darkness in The Light. The light Jesus Christ. It is HE whom givent you wings as eagles.

Rise up to meet Him. In the Air. That is where you should be with Him in prayer. "The secret place, the safe place" is all within the LORD Himself.


When you do meet Him; you know you are not alone. You know the power of the living God is with you, the same as standing beside you.

When you pray; he intercedes for us unto the living God and gives proof to the living word of God; (The Witness) that the Word of God is holy, and true.

You soar; when through the living God; you speak the Words of His Truth. The only place they will be found on earth; will be coming out of the One True witness: Jesus Christ. When you are "of His name" you can hear what he sayeth. To praise him in the power of His Truth; you repeat what He sayeth to change the things that are; into the things which they are of not. This makes evil become undone.


You have the authority in Jesus name, to command serpents to leave. Make them go. This one fellow dweller has rasied the dead with her speech. The Holy Spirit Speaks and things happen everyday to prove that the Word of God is alive, and thriving, right amidst the chaos of the earths craziness does it transform in the twinklng of an eye; everything which is evil into good.


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