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At first I want to thank each and every one of you who the LORD moved on to

have them "share" this site URL. It has continued to grow in visitors, year after year.

Last month broke a record - the site counter showed 32,070 people visited this site,

and I want to personally bless you for being faithful members.


The previous months have shown a consistent 26,000 per month.

I do not put a whole lot of faith into numbers themselves; because remember the LORD

counted it as a "sin" when David thought it would be a good idea for him to "count his

troops" of fighting men.


There was a reason for that. Since it was Gods army...the "number" of troops

had no bearing whatsoever in trying to consider "who would win the battle."

God fights our battles. Remember when He chose an army of only 300

men - and defeated an entire army with them?


(Now I will  go into the topic of this post)

"The place in which I dwelleth was not made by human hands."

In this passage the LORD makes it very clear that "where HE lives" is; "within the

fleshy chambers of your hearts. Remember when Jesus himself said; "Those whom

abide in my Word and keepeth it, I and My Father shall come and make our abode

with you."


What a wonderful promise from the LORD himself! "If God be with you; who can stand

against you." To know that not only is HE the Watchman set (On His throne of grace in

heaven) through the Holy Spirit he also lives inside your own heart.

So, where ever you go - God is with you. Some may ask is this conditional? I must tell

them; has He not said;? "I shall never leave you, nor forsake you."


However, it is possible for someone to "quench" the spirit. (This does not mean as in

"put out" such as relocate)...one cannot make God go against His own Word. The

context of the meaning of this phrase - means the same thing as to "stifle."

How is this so?


When the tempter (Devil) comes with words that are not true, yet we choose to believe

it - we have in fact "stifled" the truth of Gods Holy Word. We may do this by accident

(in ignorance, not purposely) by simply not knowing what God has said concerning a certain

matter. In the end, the truth will come out because a lie will not last in its duration.


This is why it is so important that we read and understand what God has said

in His Holy Word. "To know me, know my Word." says the Word.


How can I know this? Because God has  said in His Word; "The end of a matter, shall

be better than the beginning thereof." He knows when we "make a wrong turn" as

His eyes; "are in every place, seeing the good, and the bad."


His watchful eye is what shall ensure that we will "turn back onto the right road."

For He hath said; "A righteous man, shall fall seven times, but I shall get him back up."


Thank God for His watchful eye to get us back up - when we fall. The point of this post is

that YOU are His house for He and the Father has come in the spirit - to make their abode

with you.


Bless every one of you, and remember I take calls from all over the world for those who

need prayer. Me, and my wife Joyce are prayerful partners and will be glad to pray

with you for any matter which concerns you. 318-325-7586 (Central Time)


For that which is of a concern to you - is also a concern unto Him. We have seen

His hand do the "impossible" many times. So many times in fact; that now when He has

me pray for something...instead of simply asking Him to do it - He has had me change the words: 

from asking Him to do it ...unto THANKING HIM FOR DOING IT.

Praise and Glory of the Highest to the Father in Jesus Christs Holy Name!


May Gods grace, mercy, and peace rest upon every one of you. For even as we love you - HE

loves you.


Stephen E. Monday  (ManofGod777)  Ordained Minister since 2000

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