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Emotions Can Be Deceptive



We should not let our feelings or emotions be our “guideposts”  for

the choices we make in every day life.


We make many decisions every day of our lives…and if they are based


strictly upon what we “feel,” we can be led unto a lie.  Look at how Satan


used the “feelings” Adam and Eve had towards what he said to them…


turn them away from the LORD. The “Has God said: Ye may not eat of


the tree of life?" He purposely placed the words into an unfavorable


position concerning the intentions God had. Satan made it look as though


He (God) was withholding something “good” from them.


The serpent then convinced them of the lie; “Ye shall not die if ye


eat thereof the tree of life.” So, what did Eve do? She took thereof and ate,


then offered Adam some as well.




When Satan was able to “gain” dominion over death by tricking man,


he temporarily gained dominion over the entire earth!


(Until Jesus came along, and took back the keys to hell and death)


Because of His (Jesus) sacrifice, all things were to be placed “under His feet.”


Jesus won back our dominion, gave us the ability to trample over serpents,


heal the sick, and cast out demons. Therefore, we should have the liberty


and spirit of the law (Gods Word) and the (Holy Spirit) as our guide.

“The steps of a righteous man,are ordered by the LORD.” His law is as a lamp

to guide our feet into the right pathways. When we allow our own feelings and

emotions to “govern” our steps we do so outside of faith..and it becomes sin

…against man and God.

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