Holy Spirit Bible Meanings


    How Great Is Our God? Mere Words Can't Define!   



How great is our God - who eyes - everyplace,
Where sin may abound, abounds more of HIS grace?

There's only One; High Priest, Jesus Christ is HIS name,
Who walked earth as a man, but was GOD still the same.

Only HE was found worthy - to open the books,
Only HE was not earthly, but of heavens works.

The Jews did not kill Him - HE laid down His own life,
Surrounded by darkness - yet He WAS the light,

Evil was undone - by His great sacrifice
The battle was won - by Him Giving His Life

How great is our LORD, no words can describe
How His powerful love overcomes and abides,

Forever I will praise, and abide in His works
Him I exalt, and give thanks His great worth

LORD keep my mind on your things from above,
and Let my heart find the true depths of your LOVE

Let the fruit of my labor, and the work of my hands,
Be the steps that YOU ordered, under holy command

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