Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

His reward is “With Him.”

Revelations reminds us of this fact.  But, what practical purpose did the LORD Jesus want us to be able to glean from this advice? Our Holy, all seeing, loving God - wants us to use this information NOW.

How one may ask:  can we make practical use of this information right now?  Think about it – the phrase “with Him” then consider how He has lead you in the past.

He, will lead you the same way in the future (that is until you shed your old body) “Not by might, nor by power, but by My spirit.” sayest the LORD of hosts.

“With Him is His Truth – for HE IS the “Spirit of Truth” says Gods word. If we look to him in everyday life (prayerfully) to decide what to believe, how to respond to others, how to obey the Fathers will, as well as other decisions we make daily – His spirit will guide us unto all truth!

In the completed work of God (His Word) we have at least three things we can use and hold on to in this lifetime:

His Truth “The holy spirit shall lead men into all truth.”

The promise of Him – keeping His Word true, doing exactly what He has already told us He would do.

His protection – (John 17 Jesus prayer to his Father “keep them from the evil one”  When we follow the “way” of the Word: through His spirit, to obey the will of His Father – HE will protect us from receiving a word of “untruth” or evil fruit. This is as follows:

The testimony of all men – “let every man be a liar, and the word of God, truth”  This means that the ONLY truth that abides on the earth, is to be found in our hearts – through having the Word of God “imprinted on our hearts” by the holy ghost whom abides there! “I, and my Father shall abide there with them” “We will come, and make our abode there”

Until Jesus himself returns – I ask you fellow brothers, and sisters in the LORD – How much more do we need to ask of Him for? Has HE not already provided all things needed to live by the grace of His truth?

Bless you all.    11/19/11       ManofGod777   Stephen Monday

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