Holy Spirit Bible Meanings


The Power Of The Holy Spirit: Changes Your Perceptions



"There was no thing made that was not made by him." God made all things good."

There is no tool, instrument, device, machine or otherwise - which is inherently evil - in and of itself.

It takes the mind of man, and the influence of Satan - to take the things that God made "good,"

and use them for evil.

"The things which men call good: God calls evil, and the things which men call evil - God calls good."

Who is confused? 


It is certainly not God! The biggest threat to Christianity is still the same thing it has always been.

The influence of darkness (which is everywhere) that appears to be light. Does the Word not say that

in the last days that Satan shall appear as an angel of light?


All preaching - in Church or otherwise first need to understand that NO MAN can take the Word

of God and "rightly divide His Word of truth," without the Holy Spirit leading and guiding every

single definition found in the Holy Bible.


"my word is spirit, and it is the spirit of life. (Jesus) Only the Holy Ghost (the spirit of Christ) can teach

men how to live and use the Word to defeat the powers of darkness. "For this cause was I sent,

that I may undo the works of Satan."


Only by and through HIM can we live in the "righteousness of Christ." No man has "righteousness"

in and of himself - but through the Holy Ghost - the gift of His righteousness is imputed into those

whom doeth the will of the Father.


"Whomsoever doeth the will of My Father, is equal to the Holy angels." (Jesus)


"The Holy Spirit shall lead men into all truth."

Who is looking for the real truth? (Which only the Holy Spirit can teach) It is only the truth (his truth)

which can set you free from the powers of darkness and Satan.

This gift is free - it is His truth, and those whosoever He gives it to - He gives it because they were obeying

the first and greatest commandment:

"Love the LORD with all of you mind, body, and strength, and love thy neighbor, as thyself."

Then: " seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness."


This cannot be done - without first looking to the LORD for every answer.

When you do this - HE gives them, because you have proved to the LORD that your heart is

n the right place, (In Him)

"For when you stand with Him - whom can stand against thee."?


"Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit."


His spirit is available to all whom come to the Father - through Jesus, and through Jesus alone.

Will you come to Him, and cast your cares upon Him? He is waiting, and watching.

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