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(This personal testament was written by my wife Joyce Monday - this post will be added to on a regular basis until we see the victory at the end. Those of you who know me - know her as well. In our videos (I play the guitar and she plays the keyboard, and we sing together) It was quite a shock to both of us to be told that she has lung cancer. Please pray for her, and both of us - and follow this story of faith, as we walk through this together - trusting in the LORD to bring us through this trial. Bless you all - and thanks for your prayers.)

God and The "C" Word!

Okay they really said “the word.” Before, they had just danced around and around it - by saying I had “activity,” in the lymph gland or, there was abnormal activity in the nodule in my lung. But now - they really said “the word,” – cancer -  I sat there waiting for a reaction deep inside me but it did not come. I am thinking the word cancer should be very frightening, as I am sure to most people it is.

So, what is with me, why am I not just shaking in my boots. Then the realization hit, it is God – God - He is the answer to the “why.” I know that whatever His plan is for me, as long as I hold on to His hand - He will lead me through this, and I will be victorious. I will have the surgery, take the treatments, and whatever the outcome is - I will love God and serve Him unto the end.

On April 11, 2011, I went into surgery, (this was a very hard time for my husband and family.)  They all love and serve God. My husband is a minister, but it was the waiting that was tough. They waited, and prayed, and trusted in God, and finally the doctor came out and told them I was okay and explained all the technical stuff to them. 

However, they could not remove the nodule in my lung, or all of the overactive, enlarged lymph gland that had attached itself to an artery. (They were able to get 98% of it) Then the doctor hit them with the bombshell – they suggested 7 weeks of radiation and chemotherapy. I awoke from the surgery, and was in the most excruciating pain.

 I am no pansy – I did give birth to a fine baby boy- but this was something else. I did not know a person could actually live and be in that much pain. He made the incision on my back to get to the front of my chest area, and placed drainage tubes (the size of a pencil) on my side and that is where the main pain was coming from. Nerve damage - need I say more. When I came to myself to know who I was, I started thinking of the pain my Jesus Christ suffered. I know it was much worse than mine, and I started thanking him for his wondrous sacrifice, his healing power  and the ability he gave us to move the “mountains” in our lives.

Here we go, I am not saying I was not concerned because the word chemo to me was almost the monster that cancer is. I had heard so much scary stuff about it. I started praying- God you know what is ahead of me and you know what it is going to take for me to get thru this, therefore you know what i need. No, no, no  I did not say therefore to God, (sorry)  really i just humbled myself and asked for his strength and guidance.

I sure am glad he gave me guidance because you would not believe all the strange little decisions you have to make and all you can do is pray that you make the right decisions. For instance I was asked if I wanted to do both treatments at the same time. Who did I want to put the port in so i could take the chemo - Did I want them to schedule these things, or did I want to do it etc.

The doctors have a strange way of telling you what is going to happen, and just what you can expect. It is May 5th, (time for my treatments) – So I go to get my radiation, and everything is fine – I go to the doctor’s office and get checked out before I get my orders to go to the hospital for the chemo. My port had been put in place since Tuesday and this is only Thursday, so it is still a little sore and red, but they are going to try and use it. They do not like to use the veins. I went on line and read about the port and they told me they usually deaden the area before use. WRONG - it is still sore and they are (sticking needles in it?)  it is alive - not dead. 

 She flushed the port with saline solution. Pulled it back and got some blood but it was not right. They tried again, and called another nurse. Then they called another nurse… Now remember this port is not dead and I almost believe they are trying to kill me. Ouch! More sticking and gouging, I am about at my wits end because I do not know what to expect next. If you believe everything people tell you, or all of what you read on the Internet, you would just throw up your hands and quit.

I am not a quitter. All you can truly take at face value is His word and it will never lead you astray. The doctor is called and they are told to use the vein. Thank God, I know they don’t like to do that - but enough is enough. Here we go, this is my first Chemotherapy treatment. They hang a bag of Benadryl and Pepcid. It is going into my vein good and they sent Steve away to the waiting room. All is expected to go well. You know old Satan?? He is really smart and he will try anything he can to get into your head to steal, kill and destroy. 
I did not even realize I had given Satan a place but there he was in the room with me. When the premeds had finished and real medication (chemo) hit my vein - I stopped breathing. I could not speak and there was no nurse call button. How do you face the devil? Only with THE name -- the Name of Jesus Christ. I prayed like I am sure I had never prayed before. Calling on the name of Jesus is the only thing you can do to put the devil on the run - and run he did. When Jesus stepped in and took control, he had no choice but to flee.

My breathing came back and I relaxed knowing I was totally in the LORDS hands. The treatment went well, and I had none of the (predicted) symptoms. Praise God.Now remember I had gotten nerve damage from the initial surgery. It stings and burns all on the right side of my chest. Needless to say, forgive me for this, but I have a very sore boob and it was not even involved in the cut. But thank God the doctors understood and gave me some good pain meds. So if I ramble during some of this writing we can blame it on the drugs. Ha. ha.

I get the radiation everyday, and the Chemo on Thursdays. My Poor Steve is so sweet to take me every day so I can get the treatment. He will not let me drive myself. I pray for him because he is under a lot of stress, but he knows God and has a lot of faith. All I have to do is mention a pain and he is laying hands on me and praying. Praise God for his faith because it works. Gods healing power is instant. Sometimes it is easier to have faith for someone else than for yourself.

They tell me I will have trouble swallowing in the near future because it will be so painful. They say to prepare for it because they do not want me to lose any more weight. So, I ordered from St Francis pharmacy a case of carnation instant drink with 560 calories. My doctor said to drink three a day. He seems to think I will take one swallow every 15 minutes. Not that I won’t be able to swallow-but it will hurt too bad. That is what they say.

Now tell me this. If I can only take a swallow every 15 minutes how in the world and I going to drink that carnation drink and the 2 liters of water a day? Guess this is another thing God will work out for me. It is all in His hands, and I am sure this is not going to play out this way. I am praying for this and trusting God.

Well it is Thursday, May12th a  long day, it starts very early and ends late. I go to the Dr. office, then to Cancer Center, and back to oncology office. If all my blood work is ok and he gives me the green light, I will then go to the hospital for Chemo. Now, it is around 11:30 am and food has got to come first. We are hungry and I don’t want to do Chemo on an empty stomach.

I have been off work for a while, and having withdrawal for hospital food. Last week we went to Piccadilly but today it is the hospital cafeteria. Love it - I really do - that is where I eat most of my veggies - I don’t cook a lot of them at home. Okay, I have put this off long enough,  I ate everything on my plate, and cannot think of a reason to not go on to the third floor to get my treatment. “God be with me, I know you will hold my hand, and I do not expect a rerun of no breathing again. Thank you Lord Jesus – Amen”

Repeat and Repeat again, a total rerun of last week. Pain - sticking - gouging- port not dead - that really hurts and the deep breathing does not help. Port not working- what is going on. Nurse 1 can’t do it, nurse 2 can’t get it going, and nurse 3 tried in vain as well. I closed my eyes and whispered the name of Jesus, she heard me and as she tried to get the port to work she started saying Jesus with me.

The nurses had to call the doctor again. We have to use the vein in the arm twice now. What is going on? This is not right, something is wrong with the port. Don’t know what -  but it is not working. Now she is hooking up the IV in the arm again. All the premeds are hooked up and going in. Soon will be time for the bad stuff to start. No! I cannot think like that for by the Grace of God it will not be bad stuff but have healing power in it. I will not have a reaction to this - in the Name of Jesus.

Post (2.) May 20, 2011 

Faith; it is so wonderful to have. In the Word of God it says everyone has a measure of faith. It is up to you if you use it and truly rely on it.
Praise God - everything is going fine. There is no reaction to the Chemo. Now, it is just a matter of sitting here and waiting for the drip to go thru my veins.

Time goes by slowly while waiting. I have been told when they use my port the drip will flow faster. I have already anointed the bags of healing that is dripping into me so I let my mind wander.

When I think back to when this first came to my attention, it was in 2008 when I had surgery. Of course the hospital did x-rays and they saw the lump in my lung. The did a cat scan and later a biopsy. Everything seemed to be normal, so I put it into the back of my mind.

In March of 2011 I went to my regular GP for a checkup. He is very thorough and decided to check on the lump. Ok here we go, x-ray, pulmonary function test, pet scan, cat scan, MRI. All of this came to the conclusion; I have a cancer growing in my body.

Before the first radiation treatment they had to fit me with what they called a vest. (Not literally)  it is programmed into the computer with shields to prevent the radiation from going to the wrong place. When I come out I always have marks on my chest. This is from the girls taking a magic marker and writing on me. Lol
I guess x marks the spot.

I am finally finished, and can go home. One more radiation treatment  tomorrow then the weekend is free. I am praying I do not have any of the side effects they always speak of. So far, the Lord has protected me from all of that.  I am looking forward to going to church on Sunday.
God bless you all.

We had a wonderful weekend - went to church Sunday night, and Steve preached a powerful sermon. One lady came forth to rededicate her life to Christ. That is awesome when that happens. No greater feeling than to see some renew their faith in God.

Well it is now Monday morning. I have had my radiation, and now I am in admissions at the hospital. They are going to x-ray my port and see what is going on with it. They call me back for the x-ray. I am laying on the table and the x-ray tech comes in with needles and stuff to sterilize the port. DID NOT SEE THAT COMING.  She sticks the port  - and that is not the right spot. She puts another needle in; and still it is not in the correct spot. 

They call the radiologist. Ok  - finally the machine is turned on, and they can see the position the port is in. Now, they insert the needle in the good spot and it works Praise God.
The rest of the week should go uneventful. I can just rest in the realization that God is in control, and just keep the faith that He will bring me through this completely, and whole.

We come home, step inside the house and I tell Steve “ the house stinks” He looks at me kind of sideways because he knows what’s ahead. He did not say anything hoping I would get over it. But on the Sunday night before I had my surgery, I had my last cigarette. If the “C” word wont make you quit smoking nothing will. Now I smell everything and this house is full of nicotine.

I did let him slide Monday, but on Tuesday when we got back from radiation we hit this house like a whirlwind.  Carpet vacuumed, and shampooed- drapes pulled down, and washed and re-hung, walls swept down, and couches beat and vacuumed. Everything was freebreezed. Lord help Steve because I was not up to much of this, and he faithfully took the brunt of it all. He will be blessed.

This is Wednesday and I have Chemo tomorrow. Looking forward to taking the steroids the night before, and the morning of -because they remove all pain and I really feel good. I expect no complications tomorrow.


(If you would like to contact Joyce personally - go to her Facebook page - Thanks)


Post 3

Praise God, it is so wonderful to depend on God knowing He is in total control. This is my long Chemo day, and I fully expect all to go well. When He is in control it will be all right. It does not matter what the devil tries to throw at me; it will be handled by God. I will be the better for having gone thru this holding the hand of God.

I get to Oncology Clinic and get my blood work.  Leave and go to the Cancer Center to have my radiation. Now, to go back to the Clinic to wait on the results of my blood work to see if I can have my chemo. On the way back we think donuts. Shipley’s is not much out of the way. Well it has been a long time since we bought a dozen donuts. Could not believe the price had doubled. Lol They were worth every penny. Steve and I both pigged out.

While waiting in the Clinic waiting room, I get a text message from my sister. She is checking on me but she is not feeling good. I tell Steve and we raise our hands to God and pray for her. Moments later she texts me back, and God has touched her. Oh - the power of prayer.

It is so wonderful to have a personal relationship with God. To walk with Him and talk with Him, and know it is His voice when He answers you back. I would not trade it for anything and to think some day we will see His face. Hallelujah

Ok, I have seen the Doctor, and all is well. He wrote my orders to go to the hospital for my Chemo. The girl faxed it to the hospital, and I was told to wait for a reply. OK that is a first. Now what is going on. We wait about 30 minutes and I am told they are waiting for approval from my insurance company. I am an employee at the hospital, and I can handle this better from there so we headed on over there.

I got the insurance handled at the hospital. Steve and I have already eaten. We seem to eat a lot on Thursdays. Lol.  Now, to see if they can use my port. Remember they could not find where the entrance spot is; so I had to go to x-ray for them to figure it out. The little girl in x-ray told me she would insert the needle for me, and the oncology unit on the third floor could look at it next week, and they should be able to handle it.

Here we go -- I get back on the table in x-ray. Lord be with me. She pulls the needle out and says get ready - a big stick - I barely feel the prick of the skin. She got it in the port perfectly. Yes, Yes, Yes - Praise God it did not hurt at all.

I go on up to the 3rd floor. They are happy to see the port is ready to go. She starts my medication, and to keep time from dragging  - I just start praying, and communicating with God. Then the drugs kick in and I take me a short nap. Everything is going wonderful. Praise God.

I get home and lay down to rest a while. Oh no -- hiccups - not just the regular kind; (that I usually have no trouble getting rid of) but I will call these the Chemo hiccups. This is not fun - I have this great big lump in my esophagus; like I swallowed a big bite of something, and it did not go all the way down. I have to drink a lot of water to keep from getting dehydrated, so I take a swallow, and hiccup. Lord help me. This goes on thru Sunday morning; (2 days worth.) They slowly go away, and I am able to go to church.  I even felt like singing. Praise God - the devil did not win that battle.

Post #4

The Lord is so wonderful -- I went for my radiation  Monday and they told me; Tuesday, we are going to reduce the size of the area that receives rays. Of course - this meant revamping my “vest.” Also, this meant laying on their hard table without moving; for about an hour. That was really hard to do.

I am so blessed, my sister and her son came to visit me. She worries about me too much. She knew I had a rough weekend, and she just “had to lay eyes on me,” that is what she said. I was feeling better Monday, and really enjoyed their visit.

Monday was eventful -- A minister friend of ours Danny Trichell, received a word from the Lord; to come and pray for me. When he prayed I received his words of healing. He said it would not be instant, but a gradual process. I believe I will receive complete and total healing of all cancerous cells in my body. Come on people, pray - and believe this with me.

On Tuesday I expected no less from God, He brought me through this with flying colors. You know if you expect nothing from God that is what you are going to get. I always expect to receive just what I need from Him, and He has never let me down.

Nothing is put on you - that is more than you can bear - with His help. Even the sharp pains in my shoulder blades during the procedure. He helped me thru it. Thank you Lord.

May 26, Thursday rolls around fast - by now you all know that is Chemo day and should know the routine. Go to oncology Clinic, Cancer Center, back to Clinic, and then to hospital.

Eat, eat, eat, - cant forget to eat, that is what I am doing really well. Can you believe I had gained back one pound this week?  I had only lost 7  pounds, but I got one back. The doctors marveled at that.  (while taking Chemo.)

The little girl on 3rd floor seemed a little disappointed I did not get my port stuck prior to coming to her. I told her I had full confidence in her ability to do it this time. She received that  and got it with the first stick. That just went too good - and was not painful. Now, to get these bags of healing juice in my system. They give me the benadryl, and that makes me sleepy.

I wait until the real meds start before I really kick back and begin to rest. Ok, I scrunch down as low as I can get in the recliner. I got my pillow, and blanket and got all snug and ready for a nap. By this time my energy level was getting low - and I really need the nap.

No No No -- there is a woman in the other chair and she just started to snore. LOUDY -- not even a smooth snore but ragged. Shall I throw something at her? lol -- I guess not - I pray she stops. This goes on and on and on. So much for a nap -  the cooking show is on TV.

Now, to make matters worse; I get heebie-jeebie legs... Oh well;  still blessed.

+POST 5    May 26, 2011

I call it the hebe jebe legs, for lack of a better word. It's kind of like restless leg syndrome. I am sitting there and can not keep my legs still. They are so restless, it is a miserable sensation.

Lol.  Now I have no nap because of the snoring - the t.v. is on the wrong channel, and it is across the room.  My legs are acting up. I text Liz and ask her to pray - she does and I start to feel better.

Oh the power of prayer - I would not want to know what it would be like to walk thru this life without holding on to His hand.

I am pretty wiped out after the long day (Thursdays) I get home and while resting on the couch, I get a strange feeling happening. This is different, I don’t usually have a nerve problem, but I am feeling very nervous.
I am on edge. I warn Steve and apologize in advance. Thank goodness the Dr. gave me some nerve pills. He warned me about all these side affects that could happen.

I am having some of them. Actually I think I have had just about all the side effects that are listed on the paper they gave me. Has any one ever had constipated-diarrhea? You figure it out.  lol

Ok I am so glad. I apologized to Steve in advance because I just bit his head off over something that normally would not have phased me at all.

Bless his heart, he just took it without a back word. Hurt my feelings - because I was ready for a fight. Ha.ha. not really... I tell you - that is the most humble man I know.  
God has brought us both around from where we were to where we are now. When I first met Steve - he was a guitar slinging rocker musician - then he became a country musician, song writer and singer, then on to Gospel music, song writer and singer.

When God came into our lives he became a Minister, and he brought me along with him on this journey, for which I am so grateful.

He is so humble, sweet and kind and loving. He is so good to me. Pray for him that he will continue to have the strength to go through this with me. He has a hard time seeing me have any pain or sickness. I can relate to that, I cant stand to see him suffer either.

Well they say "bald is beautiful."  I am not there yet, but every time  I comb my hair I get a handful that has turned loose. I am saving it for some reason.
I don’t know what that reason is, I just want to. When it gets a little thinner I will start wearing a wig I guess. They really have some beautiful ones. I might even go blond. Ha. ha. (I don’t know if Steve would like that.)

I spoke too soon, a couple of days passed, and I go back to wash my hair. I notice the  texture has changed, it seems much brasher. Ok, so I will put a little more conditioner on it. I wrap it in a towel like I always do to let it dry.

It's time to take the towel off, and let it get some air. What is that on the top of my head? Almost in the center, a lot of hair has turned loose, and knotted with the long hair in the back, and it is tight. I start working it with my hands, (not getting anywhere.) I go get a large tooth comb. Still not working.

Nothing to do but tell Steve I need help. We go to the bath and put more conditioner on it. He tries to work it out with his hands and a comb. Nothing works -and it is so tight - it pulls, and it hurts and he is trying to be gentle, but the thing is not budging.

Next, we try baby oil. He pours a half of bottle on my knotted head. Now people - don’t laugh - well go ahead, it is a little funny now, but it was not - while it was going on! My head was getting sore. Needless to say the baby oil did not work either.

I told him - that was it - we had worked on it over two hours, and I was not doing it any more. I was going to lose my hair anyway - so get the scissors - and put me out of my misery. He cut the knot out (you would not believe how tight it was.)

Now, I still have a little hair left, we did not shave it - (lol) but it is not suitable for me to not wear my wig. I have some beautiful wigs, thanks to my sister, Elizabeth Parks, who donated to the cause.

Post # 6    The Dream


Okay, time is going by - I have had a lot of radiation treatments and several Chemotherapy treatments. I have had most of the side effects they told me about but their duration was short.

 That is God showing me He is in control. Total control. I could had had those side effects for the whole time but no He showed them to me, and let me feel them, and within day or sometimes a few hours they were gone.

 Praise His Holy Name.  Now is that not the wonder of His LOVE.

I have been having a recurring dream. I would like to tell you about it because it has come to me three times in the last couple of weeks. Now remember it is a dream, and they have a tendency to get far out there sometimes, so bear with me


 I am in a building with computers lining the wall. Huge buttons at the top that say delete or install. My job is to push the correct button. No brainier. Just decide if it needs to be deleted or installed. I am walking along with no problems until I come to this one button.

 It has a huge “F” on it. Ok what is this? I open the door to the computer and a big red  “FEAR”  flashing at me. I quickly close that door. Now what do I do. I wake up.

 I lay there pondering the dream. I do not have fear - do I. I have put all my trust in God and put my illness on the altar. I do not think I have picked it up.

 God gave me a song a while back titled  “Afraid to be Afraid” and in the song there is a line that says fear has no place in the hearts of all men.  He gave me that song and I believe every word of it.

 Still, you have to wonder, the devil is tricky and has he slipped in just a tiny bit of fear and instilled it in me without me looking? Is that what God is trying to tell me. If you are not diligent and on guard at all times he will be slipping in your back door.

 Lord I need your answer on this one. I guess it is normal to have a little fear but you cannot let it rule you, and you cannot believe that it will cause any outcome in what is to happen unless you let it.

 By that I mean you have to let God control it and by calling on the Name of Jesus Christ you can get it out of your life.

 Last night I had the dream again and I thank God for showing me in this dream exactly what is going on. I got my answer. When I approached the “F” button I was not sure what I was supposed to do. Remember this is a dream, and I am so confused.

 I turn my back on the computer and raise my hands to God. I need an answer Lord, and I would love an explanation. He said “My child, you have allowed fear to enter when you were not looking, you let your guard down. The button says delete or installed. It has already been installed, so let’s delete. I will walk you through it.”

Praise God - so simple but in the dream I was so confused. So right then and there - I started praying. I feel God has removed all the fear that had crept into my life.


 I feel this is His way of letting me know to keep it on the straight and narrow. You have to be careful because Satan is sly and very powerful but he cannot stand up to the wonderful Name of Jesus Christ.

 I ask all my readers out there to pray for me and with me to help me keep the faith. I am counting on all of you to help me out.


Let me hear from you. God bless you all.

Post #7  June 2nd


 Well praise God -- I am doing pretty well so far - God has been so good to me. He has really brought me through so many trials and tests. I am assuming this is a test. He will not put more on me than I can handle. He said He would not in His Word and I trust it to be so.


It is Thursday, my long day - well you know my routine by now - same old thing. However, God is with me every step of the way.


June 3rd - today is my birthday and I feel real good. I go get radiation and then the rest of the day is free. I don’t like to go out to eat because it takes me a long time to eat. My food does not go down very easily. I get hiccups sometimes, and I don’t think that would be too pleasant for other people. Lol


My wonderful husband went to the store and bought wonderful steaks and we grilled with baked potato.  It was so good. I can still taste most food and I was so glad I could taste that. God will bless him for being so good to me.


Saturday - I am not feeling so good. I start getting weak. They say the chemo is what causes that. I have had most of the symptoms that are on the list, and this weakness is really kicking me.


Sunday I keep praying that I will feel stronger but no, all I can do is lay on the couch and sleep. I am so weak I can hardly stay awake. I do not get up and go to church. I am just not up to it. God understands.


On Monday, they have changed my “vest” to radiate a smaller portion of my lung. They told me it had to be moved away from my spine so it would not be damaged. The radiation was intensified and they burned my back from the front. The doctor gave me some sample cream that helps some. It is really bothersome. This too shall pass.


I did have a bout with nausea this week. That is the first time since I started with chemo that I actually threw up. I had gotten nausea before, but took my medication in time to stop it.

This time I woke up in the middle of the night and it was too late to take a pill.  It scared Steve because he did not know what was happening with me. I came charging into the bathroom, just as he had stepped aside; he said “he had no idea what was running at him at 3:00AM

He gets so upset when something is not right with me. God I pray you give him strength. I am sure the reason I got sick is because my food has trouble going all the way down. It seems to stop midway. God will work that out too.




Post # 8     June 9


 I am not sure just what is happening, because I have been nauseated a lot this week, and have had a very weak feeling.


All I can do is say Lord give me strength. I know He will do this, because He said He would give you the desires of your heart.


The days whiz by really fast. When I take the medication for the nausea, it makes me very sleepy. Soooooooooo --  by the time I got awake half the week was gone.


That could be why I missed having my radiation and chemo. When you are asleep you don’t eat or drink; therefore my numbers on my blood work was not good.


I am also not very sure what is going on in my head. I told Steve they are burning my brain. He was sitting outside, so I go out and sit awhile. It was a very pleasant morning.


We start to go inside, he gets up and I start to get up, but I just keep on going and going and going, and nearly rolled down the steps. (I would make a good Energizer battery.)


He catches me before I break something. However, I did that kind of stuff before chemo, so I can’t blame everything on that.


A couple of years ago my kitchen floor decided it wanted me. So, I just lay down across the middle of it, not graceful at all, and there were bruises and some soreness. So, who is to say what’s up, only by His Grace.  lol


July 26th
Hey everybody -- so sorry to all my regular readers that I have not posted anything lately. I have really been lazy since I got a few weeks break from my radiation and chemo . I have good days and not so good days, but it is all in God’s wonderful hands.

This week on Wednesday, I go to see my radiologist at the Cancer Center.  Then, on Thursday I go to the oncology clinic and then on to another chemo treatment. They say this one is going to be a heavy dose and will probably make me pretty sick. Then, 21 days later I will have another. I pray that will be then end of them.

I am asking all my friends and prayer warriors to join together in the Name of Jesus and pray for me. You know there are times when you are too sick to pray for yourself so you depend on others to pray and have faith for you. I am trusting in God that it won’t make me as ill as the Dr says it will.

God bless you all


POST 10  7/29/11



Praise our wonderful God. I had received so much feedback about the Chemo I was receiving yesterday. Everyone, even the doctor said it could be very rough because it was a larger dosage than I had received before.

 Ok. What do I do? I have to receive this treatment. I feel it is doing me good and 21 days from now I will have another one and I will be healed. Praise God I am standing on my faith to receive this healing. Please stand with me.

 Thank the: Lord I will have Steve with me. This was not to be. After seeing the doctor, we went to Coney Island. I ate 2 hot dogs. I mean 2 hot dogs. I love them. However, while we were there a man got our attention and said we were getting a flat on the right front tire.

 We looked and it was almost down completely. Steve walked around the car and the left front tire was almost down too. Go figure. The only place the car was left unattended was at the Oncology Clinic. I guess someone let the air out. The Last time a belt had broken.. Oh well you go with the flow and take it as it comes and trust God this too will pass.

 We drove around the corner and put air in the tires. Steve carried me on to the hospital and got me upstairs and sitting in the waiting room for them to call me back.

 I told him to go on and take care of the tires because by this time it was around 1:00 PM and I did not want to come out in that heat to flat tires. So, with everyone in the waiting room looking at us funny, usually most people will bow their heads, he laid hands on me and we prayed and put it in Gods hands. He went on but of course stayed in touch and knew everything that was happening.

 He took the tires off, soaped them down, and looked for a tack or nail - ready to put a patch in them. There was nothing to be found. Someone had to have let the air out. He aired them back up and they are still holding air. Pray for the ones that would do such to people parked at a cancer clinic. God help them.

 I took the treatment without a hitch. God handled it all and all the rumors were just that. Of course, there is a long list of side affect that were given to me that can occur. I am not looking for any of them to take place. Before, some of them happened but they were short-lived and I pray that will be the case this time.

 My white blood cells were very low. So I went to the hospital today to get a shot to help boost the re-growth  of the white cells. I am sure that will help and I will be fine.



Post # 11    8/16/2011


It has been nearly three weeks since I last posted. I did have a rough time for a few days. I was in a lot of pain and the pain medication did not touch it. I totally depended on Steve praying for me and God bringing me through it. Of course, He has never failed me - and will not fail me.

I went back to the Dr and had blood work done. It seems like all is looking almost normal. I still have some low readings on white cells and potassium.

He gave me more pills.  I am getting tired of swallowing pills. I guess that goes along with it.

Well, I really did it good this time. I got off the couch, this is where I live, and started to the kitchen, for a bottle of water. All day I had been steady on my feet so I did not feel the need to ask Steve to get it for me.

Hindsight: (he would have rather carried the water instead of me lol,) As I took a few steps, my left ankle turned. I tried to compensate with my right foot. It turned the opposite direction. Needles to say – the floor that wanted me – got me again, I sprawled out on the floor.

Steve came into the house, just as all this was taking place. He said it looked like I was going down in slow motion. I told him if I was falling that slow - he should have ran over and caught me! (Haha)  I was trying to lighten the situation.

It scared him so bad. He got me up and you could see the ankles swelling. The pain in my knee was almost too much. He laid hands on my knee prayed and the pain went away instantly. The knee is not swollen - Nothing wrong with it.

The knee is ok, however, I have a broken ankle on the right foot, and a fracture in the foot on the left. I have a boot that reaches up to my knee, and a little jell brace on the left. I am not sure what Gods message is. I will have to wait on that answer. There is always a purpose.

Thank God for all He has done for me. Thanks to all my readers for their prayers, and we ask that you continue to pray. In two days, (Thursday) I will have another chemo. This one will be like the last one in size.

Praise God it is to be my last one. We love you all.



  Post # 12     8/19/2011


I had what I pray is my last Chemotherapy yesterday. It went smoothly. I mentioned to Steve that during the treatments before I sit there and usually my legs start bothering me, and I kick off my shoes and put my feet on the cold floor. How am I going to do that with a brace on each foot? The one on the right is up to my knee and it is not easy to get on and off.

Well my wonderful faithful husband laid hands on me and prayed the prayer of faith. Guess what, God moved in His wonderful way and my legs did NOT bother me at all. I was totally relaxed during the whole treatment even took a short nap. God is soooo good.

We got home around four PM and had time to rest before supper. Believe it or not; I felt like cooking. I managed to sit on my walker and prepare food. Man I am good. LOL  I told Steve I better do it now because in a few days the doctor says I will be down and out. I pray they are wrong. I was down and out the last time so maybe I got that out of my system.

I went to the hospital today to get a shot to improve my white cell count. It worked last time, and my count had improved. This should stop the Chemo from dropping the count down. The nurse told me she would order the medicine when she got to work.  `She did, and everything was ready. I love people that do what they say they will do.

We were only there about 10 minutes. Five of them were waiting on the elevator. It would have taken longer but my walker has a seat on it. I love it and it has a basket, and most important brakes on the handle bars. I sat down and Steve pushed me like it was a wheel chair. We were really moving down the hall.   All the walker is missing is a HORN to let people know we are coming down the hall.

Praise God  - He got us in and out safely.

Thank You All and Keep the prayers coming!  We love you all.


Post 13    9/6/11


Well I went back to the doctor on Thursday 9/1/11 to have blood work done. My white cells were up where they should be. However, my red blood cells were below the urgent mark. In addition, the magnesium level was too low. He sent me to the hospital to have my blood typed and cross-matched so on Friday I could get some good blood in me. ( two units) I pray the new blood will increase the circulation in my toes and fingers. The numbness is really uncomfortable.

I am so brilliant, I am reading the Dr. orders - and I see the unit of blood will only take 2 hours. Steve and I are thinking that is not too bad, in there at 10:00 am and out by noon. (so we thought)

I am sitting there and got all hooked up for the drip. Of course, it is nearly 10:30 now. Steve asked the nurse how long it would be. He was really just making conversation. We already knew it would only be a couple of hours. She said ALL DAY. You talk about being-floored. She explained I was getting 2 units of blood, and a unit of magnesium. (A total of 5 hours - sitting there on the drip.) I got out of there about 4:00 pm.

The good Lord knew I was missing the good hospital food. I sent Steve to the café for some of their good ole Friday fried catfish. They did not let me down. It made the wait go much faster.

Since I have had my last radiation and chemo, I am claiming my total healing in the name of Jesus. I am going for a pet scan tomorrow to prove this. (as the Word says: prove all things)

Pray with me that this will be confirmed.


God bless you all!



Post #14  9/16/2011




Hi everyone, most of you have already heard but for those who have not, I will not keep you waiting.




He said “prove all things” and the cat scan proved it . Praise God. I want to thank all of you for your prayers and support. Thanks to my wonderful husband who has been with me thru it all. On the days when I felt so low, he would pray and pull me out of that slump.


He would not let me lose not even a tiny portion of faith. So thank you Steve.


I had my pet scan on Sept 8 and went to the Doctor on the 13th when I got the good news. However, you know you cannot eat for 6 hours before the test, which is not good for my system. I drank the 16 ounce  drink they gave me, and since I had nothing in my stomach it tasted good.


I went to the back and lay on the table. He rolled me into the round tube and for the next 30 minutes he was moving me around, and I was laying on my back. Not a good situation.


I tell him I am getting sick. You never saw anyone move so fast! He did not want me to throw up in his tube. He got me out in time, barely. I felt much better after I got all that drink out of my system. I have to admit, he was really concerned,  and walked me out and put me in Steve’s care.


Since then I have had some nausea every day. I also have numbness in my fingers, toes, and feet, and it is going up my right leg.  With my ankle being broken, the numbness does not help matters.


So continue to pray for me and Steve. I know if God can take care of the cancer, a small thing like numbness is no problem.


I am putting all my trust and faith in GOD




God Bless you all


POST 15  10/13/11

It has been a while since I updated this post, but that does not mean I quit giving God all the praise He deserves. He is so faithful to do just what He said He would. I am so glad that I know Him and have a personal relationship with Him. I depend on Him every day,

I got up this morning and I noticed my feet were better. The numbness had gone all over my feet and up my leg some. It really made it hard to walk because I could not feel where my feet were on the floor. I sort of shuffled along like a little ole woman. Lol  Yesterday I suffered so much because the bottom of my feet felt like they were scalded and pins and needles were sticking in them. Praise God that sensation was gone this morning. I still have some numbness but I am believing God is going to heal me completely.

I went for a x-ray on my lungs today. The doctor said I have radiation pneumonia. He did not give me anything for it just told me to get a x-ray before I come back for my next visit. I will go see him next week. I do get short of breath if I do very much.

I walked more today than I am use to, so my hips are sore this evening. I will have to walk tomorrow to work it out.  Steve walked me in the yard one day this week. I was holding on to his arm and still turned my left ankle. It got tender but no real damage. God is so good. He knew I did not need another broken ankle. They are just now getting well. My last x-ray showed they were healed up but the right one is still a little tender.

Thank you for praying for me and continue to keep me in your prayers.

God bless you all


Hi everybody -- so glad to be back with you. In the last couple of weeks I have had my x-ray and three Dr. visits. I have really been busy. God has been so good to me. He worked things out so I can manage my pain. Let me start at the beginning.

I had the x-ray and it showed I had something showing on my lungs. That is how the Dr explained it. Really !!- I have something showing on my lungs. Like my shallow breathing and hard to take a deep breath didn’t tell me that already. I tell him this and also I tell him all about my feet and fingers. My feet have the feeling of being scalded on the bottom, and my toes are numb, as well as my fingers. I asked him for some pain medication. He was not happy about it, but gave me enough until I could get into the Pain Center.

I went to the Pain Center. Steve and I prayed prior to going - in that God would move on the Dr there to help me get my life back. My days had consisted of me getting up around 9am, and heading to the couch and sitting there for a while and then laying down (usually for the rest of the day.) That is not much of a life.

Ok, I go to the Dr at the Pain Center. They were so nice, and when I explained the problems I was having he started writing prescriptions. He gave me pain medication, plus something to help me breath deeper which helped my circulation, then gave me something for feet and fingers. I do believe God directed him in every way. The nurse came in with the prescriptions and was amazed; because she said he NEVER gives medications on the first visit. Oh the power of prayer. People ---- never stop praying no matter how trivial it may seem to you. If it concerns you, it concerns God.

Praise God!  Praise God -- I am off the couch- today I have washed dishes, mopped the kitchen floor and washed clothes. It is so wonderful to be able to do things like that again. Poor Steve has really had a time trying to keep up with everything that needed doing. I think he is perfectly happy to let me get my strength back. Lol -  just kidding- he is always afraid I am doing too much. I start to do something and he tries to take it over.

The next day I had a Dr. visit at the Cancer Center. It was just a follow up visit. When he looked at the x-ray he said it looked like scar tissue in my lungs from the radiation. He said it happens quite often. Nothing needs to be done unless my breathing gets worse. We did not go any further with this because I give it over to God and He will take care of me. He took the stripes so I can be healed. My last Pet Scan showed I had no sign of cancer in my body.

Of course my Dr. does not appear to have the faith that we have, and he ordered another Pet Scan on the 9th of November. So here we go again - but the Bible  says prove all things. If that is what it takes, then so be it. We will have the test done believing in Christ thru out the whole thing.

Thank you all for your continued prayers.

Alright, now to sum it all up. I know the “C” word  CANCER is very scary. However,
a word to the wise,  it does not have to be. There is a GOD and He conquers all. Let Him walk that walk with you. You do not have walk alone.

Since God had me to write this book, I hope and pray that it will encourage you and help you get thru this ordeal. You will understand things that are to come your way and things that will happen to you. You will not be surprised like I was. I had no idea of the things that was going to happen to me.

So if you have cancer or know someone that does, give this book to them and I pray it will bless you and them.

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God bless you and I will be praying for you.
Joyce Monday

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