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Powers That Be!

Powers That Be

For every person who breathes - there are two
"powers that be," 
at work at all times - without pause. 

They are - The Light (The LORDS Word Of Truth)
The Darkness (The Lies Of The Devil)

Please note: the LORDS Word of Truth is very often NOT what you think it is!
The determination of what HE considers (Holy Ghost) True to His Holy Word
is only HIS and His alone to discern.

Hence his verse.."Judge not by appearance, nor lean to thine own understanding."

In other words, we can know the Holy Bible yet be totally devoid of the Truth of

what the LORD intends it to mean.

Since all we have to do is "add to," or "take away" from what the LORD means - (In His Word)

to find ourselves in the "Darkness" We have to let HIM (the LORD) show us every

single meaning - of every single word.

(Here a little, and there a little. Line upon line; precept upon precept.) 

The ONLY way we can do this is by staying in constant, unbroken contact
with HIM. (In our thinking, decision making, in our doing, our deeds)

This way we can let HIM show us the true meanings of His Word, and not fall for the lies of the Devil.

Take any situation, any person, at anytime...whatsoever a man speaks,
(or does)

It can in GODS sight be only one or two things...

The Truth Of God (Gives thanks and Glory to Him)
Or The Lie Of the Devil; (brings spiritual blindness; and DENIES HIM, as well
as puts us in bondage to serve the darkness)

The Devil LOVES us to judge by sight (after the flesh) by what our eyes see...because it

automatically causes us to "lean to our own understanding" and deny the Truth of God.

So, if one cannot believe the sight of their own eyes - nor the hearing of our ears - how then can we walk?

Just as Jesus did - by asking the Father what we should perceive - HE will show us what the Devil is up to! 

Just as Jesus did - he listened through the ears of His Father inso that HE

would not believe the testimony of men.

You can do these two things just as Jesus did!!
Hence "Even as I received of My Father, so shall ye also recieve." 

When you look through His eyes and hear with His ears - You truly have
"eyes that see, and ears that hear."
For you are looking by faith to the Father, first - before you decide

what you should believe.

This is how you FIND the Kingdom, as commanded:

"Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness."
When you do so, you "come to the full stature of Christ."

Just like the Word says "not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit"
It is ONLY His Spirit that gives you the power to do these things.

Blessings To ALL. ManofGod777

LORD, teach me thy ways, so that I may have understanding of that which is holy and true.
Not my will, but thy will be done. "Amen."

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