Holy Spirit Bible Meanings



HOLY SPIRIT/ Admonitions(New English)

(1) When a man becomes a deceiver of others, he also becomes
a deceiver of himself.

(2.) When a man gets forgiveness from GOD, He should also
give forgiveness to himself.

(3.) You cannot put a price, on the truth.

(4.) When you want to forget something negative, you often
have to forgive it first.

(5.) People who truly love others, ARE truly loved.

(6.) People who hate, rage, against others, hurt themselves
the most.

(7.) There is no such thing, as an almost truth.

(8.) A true person of GODS, is the enemy, to the devil.

(9.) If you put GOD, above all things first, HE will never
put YOU last.

(10.) A man of GODS, will always know, where he stands,
when it comes to deciding what is good or bad, for him.

(11.) The only thing, a person of GODS will have trouble
understanding, is the motivations of their own heart...therefore, they must ask

the LORD what His eyes see concerning it.

(12.) When a person, fully trusts GOD, they also fully
trust; GODS word.

(13.) A person who truly LOVES GOD, truly loves others.

(14.) Only a person who fully trusts himself, will fully
trust others.

(15)The Lord Says; "everytime anyone speaks aloud, they
are giving testimony (bearing wittness) unto the Lord. What were your last

words to Him? Did you Speak the truth to Him?

He says,"I AM listening, everytime you speak, The only
way a man can keep the truth of God is to always speak

the truth to Him, for He never stops listening, Do You carry
The Truth Of Gods with You at all times? Do you

Wear it like the Sword of Life that It Is? A True Man
Of God, will NEVER let go of It, for it is the Key to

Righteously Dividing the Truth of God! Before he opens
his mouth to God and speaks aloud he considers: What did I

just speak aloud to God, the last time I spoke? For this is
imperative NOT to do! He Knows that everytime He speaks he

Must Speak: The Truth of God - It has become an absolute must! There is no other way

to do this except to consider first - before speaking - He first considers God!
He knows God hears

everytime he opens his mouth, and the only way for a man to
stand on the truth, to God for everyword spoken is a

Testimony to God! It has to stay this way for the man to

know in his mind at all times, to Tell the Gods Truths
Every sentence spoken has got to be the Gods truths, because

The Lord Never stops listening! A true man of Gods will
always do this! Everything that comes out of this mouth

has Got to Be the Gods Truth. For to carry his light of truth is

a great honor, as well as a blessing.

(This truth is always loving, humble, and is never full of oneself - it never rages

nor answers back when reviled)

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