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How You Can Know Jesus Christ Personally!

Did you know that you can have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ right now? Even beginning today, you can get to know Him. Jesus Christ is the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Ghost, and the spirit of God, all rolled up into one person.

The very reason Christ went to the cross and died is so that men could have a personal relationship with the Father, through Christ Jesus. Christ died for our sins, which had separated us from having communication with the Father, through prayer. (Even as Christ did)

We can say a prayer today, and through Christ, get to know the Father in heaven. Simply say:

"Our Father which is in heaven, forgive me of my sins, and wash me in the blood of Christ. I want to know you, and follow your spirit, to get the blessing you give every day. I turn from my way, unto your way. Lead me and guide me, let you Son teach me, that I may know your righteousness." Send me the Holy Ghost, that I may do the works, you would have me do." Thank you Father, and bless your Holy name, for thou art truly good, in Jesus name I pray."

If you just said to the Father, the above prayer, then He will send His Son, Christ Jesus (the Holy Spirit) into your heart. For He says in His Word, "the temple in which I dwelleth, is not made by human hands." This temple is your heart.

God is a spirit, he can move at speeds which exceed the speed of light. He can see all things, and hear all things, there is no thing which He does not already know. There is nothing Hid from Him. "all things are laid bare, before Me."

It is important that we know and follow His spirit. The Devil is on the earth running loose, and he is looking for anything which he can steal, kill or destroy. The only weapons we have that will defeat him is the Word of God, and the spirit of God.

If we have the Word of God, but not the spirit of God, we will be lead to believe things which are not true, which will cause us to be as though we had no weapon. For God is also the spirit of Truth, the truths found in His Holy Bible.

We cannot understand the Word of God without the spirit of God, for God has said: "without the spirit, there is no understanding." This is why our own spirit, cannot extract the truths found within God s Word. It has been tried many, many times, and every time it results in failure, torment, heartbreak, and misery.

We can be lead by the living God, through His High Priest, Christ Jesus. He will reveal things to us that have yet to come to pass. He will show us how to think, how to live, how to treat others, and when we obey Him, He will exalt us, for He says: If ye exalt me, I will exalt you."

It is important that we listen, and heed, unto His spirit. We have to give God first place in our lives, in our thinking, as well as in our doing. For if we do not consider Him, and His ways first, then the Devil is right there to lead us into a lie.

This is not something that is hard to do. When you really love the LORD, you will put Him first, in all things. When you do so, He will put you first. You can know that whatsoever you ask Him, He will do. "There is nothing that is not possible with God." (KJV)

It is a great thing to have a relationship with the living God. He will give you peace and rest from the "ways of the world." He will love you in a way, which you have never known - you could be loved. He will teach you all things, and with Him, there will be no mystery about anything - for He will show you - what HE is doing on the earth, and this in itself - is absolutely amazing.

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