Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

Horrific burns jpg.Horrific burns jpg.

                       Miracle In Lake Charles La.

A young man named Jackobie Vitatoe, started having seizures at the age of 18.
The doctors gave him a strong medication to stop the seizures. He had a severe
reaction to the medicine, that resulted in horrific burns on 85 to 95% of his body.  
(from the inside out) (see pictures)

The young mans mother was told that if he lived, he would require a 6 month
hospital stay. His mother is a strong woman of faith, and did not receive the
testimony of men. She told the doctors he would be healed in 20 days.

The LORD of heaven, heard, and saw the faith in her prophecy, HE acted.
In 20 days, he was home and healed! I do not see even a blemish or mark
upon his body from the burns, PRAISE THE LORD!!

Horrific burns jpg.

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