Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

                            A Single Snowflake

A Single snowflake melts, and as its change in structure causes
other snowflakes to shift their positions, a small slide begins to

On a steep mountain, this slide displaces huge amounts of snow,
and gathers momentum. Within seconds what began with a single
snowflakes change in density, has now created a massive

It roars down the mountain onto a small community. Lives are
lost, buildings are destroyed, and people's lives are changed in
what seems like an instant.

There is an important lesson in this scenario that often goes
overlooked.The "cause and effect" and "action causes' reaction"
is a principal law in everything that moves or changes. There are
many instances in the Word of God that demonstrate this principal.

"Kind reproduces like kind," fruit produces like fruit, as seed
produces like seed. Think for a moment, do not deeds reproduce
like deeds?

Do we ever stop and consider this effect, before we do something
to another? Is it possible to offend someone, and not have offences
spread? Do not many offend back?

On the flip side, does not "good begat good," even as evil begets
evil? Does this not prove the the LORDS judgement concerning
"ye reap what ye sow," is in effect in everything we do?

Is HE not watching every event, to "see" that the things which
He has declared, shall come to pass? We know that HE does,
for not a "tittle or jot," of His Word (the law) shall fail.

It always shall do the things, which HE has spoken. We can
be likened to the snowflake. The things we do, affect other people,

the response we get from others reflect the intent
of the matter. Are not wars started by "an act of war?"

The "do unto others" command as spoken by the LORD,
shows that HE knew the great wisdom contained therein.

When we obey this command, and bless others instead
of curse them, are we not blessed in return, by Him?

The universal law of "cause and effect" cannot be denied.
We may choose to not observe its existence, but we cannot
help but to be effected by it.

Everything we do or say, has a direct effect on others,
even as what they do or say, has an effect on us.


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