Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

Christs Spokesprson: YOU

The very Word of God calls us "His Ambassadors" HE is a God who cannot lie,
so that means HE means that we are to be Christs spokesperson.

To us he has given "the ministry of reconcilation." This means to "bring that which is in darkness back
into the light, or bring that which is not in good standing with Him, back into good standing.

Is this a tall order? No. It simply means that we are to pray for those who are lost, and condemn not.
"For by the same measure that we judge others, the same measure shall be judged unto us"

How can we do this in today's world? By:

think not evil against others
by doing not evil against others
by not speaking evil against others
by not thinking evil about what we see

If we look into others lives, and instead of looking at what they appear to be doing, look
at what the LORD is doing with them, then truly "evil is removed from the eye of the beholder."

We will know and understand that altho it appears they are lost and have not found the way, through our prayers
HE will find them. Hath HE not declaired "the end of a matter is better than the begining thereof."

Hath HE not said that when a mans work was judged, and each were awarded "according to his own works" "if they not
be wrought in Christ, then their works shall be burned up, but the man shall be saved"?

Does this not prove that the judgement of God and Christ reconciles instead of condemns? Even the Word says
"He (Christ) reconcileth all things unto Himself."
Amen. ManofGod777

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