Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

 " Traditions of Men "


The Holy Bible says " the traditions of men cause
the word of GOD, to be null and void," and without effect.

When a preacher stands in the pulpit, and starts telling
church members, they should cut, or not cut their hair
then they are teaching the traditions of men.

The list goes on and on from church to church there are
many reasons, that churches divide themselves over
trivial matters that have nothing to do with the Holy
bible's teachings.

One may say "we don't believe women should wear
make-up to services," or; females should not wear long

Another may believe musical instruments are to not be
used. Others may believe tounges can be spoken by all
during services.

I could go on and on. These separate beliefs 
cause GODS
truths, to be mixed in with men's.
This is not from Holy bible teachings but from the teaching
of men through traditions of men.

When men take any doctrine into church except the Holy bible 
(to be taught) they "in effect kill" the word of GOD.

The apostle Paul, had much to say about this. "Let there
be no divisions amoung you." Except; walk ye not  in the
of the wicked nor shall you eat in the council of
the wicked.
Nor should you stand, in the council of the wicked.
These are the only separations of which the word teaches.
The word says" we are saved by grace, and not by works,
lest any man boast."

We are saved by grace, by us having faith, in Jesus Christ.
For by His abundant mercy and grace, we are sanctified.
By us having faith in Him to seek him; (to do his will)
we are thereby justified.

When we let others, decieve us into believing that we
are saved, "by our works," then our faith is dead.
Whereby the bible says "faith without works, is dead."
True faith walks by faith, and not sight. When you walk
by faith, you trust GOD. When you trust GOD, you also
trust in his word. When you trust in His word, you trust
that His word works.

When you believe that His word works, you then will speak
His words. You will then have "works" by speaking his words.

I speak not a lie, but do not take any man's word, "as"
the truth of GODS. Discernment (concerning the meanings)
of his word cometh from God. (Through the Holy spirit)
All of GODS truths, are written in his Holy Word.

God would rather you read it with your "own two eyes," 
but for the sake of those, who have yet to read it, I speak.

For if I, by speaking the truth can stir someones soul
enough for them to want to "see for themselves," then the
words that I write shall not be written in vain.

Your brother in CHRIST
Stephen Monday

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