Holy Spirit Bible Meanings


                           Thy Kingdom Come

My brethren,

When you pray the LORDS prayer, and get to the part "Thy Kingdom Come,
Thy will be done" you are asking the Father to "straighten your path" into the
narrow path, and lead and guide your steps into the righteousness of His Way,
as well as Into His Kingdom.

"I will not with-hold no good thing" What you are asking HIM is a very good thing!
You are asking HIM to teach you, even as he taught Jesus. Inso you may grow
into the fullness of the stature of Christ.

The promise of HIM doing this is already written, and as many who has put
HIM first in all things, have recieved this promise! For we as men "have no
righteousness" of our own, for it is as filthy rags..

But, the good news is, that in the sight of the living GOD, ALL whom do
HIS will - have his righteousness. Forget the times we have stumbled, and asked
forgiveness..for HE has! "Love keepeth no record of past wrongs."
and "HE is faithful to forgive whomsoever asketh HIM"

Did you know that in HIS sight, that those who obey HIS will, and keepeth HIS
commandments and HIS Word, are EQUAL to the Holy Angels"??

"For whosoever doeth the will of My heavenly Father, are equal to the Holy angels."
(These are HIS Words, spoken by HIS righteous Spirit, as HIS eyes, DO SEE)

So, even though you live in a flesh body, that will return to dust, in HIS sight,
your spirit has entered into HIS Kingdom, ye are made to be Kings and Priests
of the most High God.

You rest - even as HE rests, your peace is HIS peace, for the world or the Devil
cannot take it from you! You rest by laboring in the meat that periseth not..
His Word. You act on His Word, the commandment of love, and ye overcome all
things by faith, in knowing what HE has already said, will be done, as you agree
in faith.

Can a man who is caught up in the ways of the world, move a mountain, so as there
is not even a pebble, in it's place? Can a man speak to disease, and have it go?
Can a man say to the serpent "Get behind me, Satan, and have him flee in terror?
NO - only a man/woman, who operates in total faith, and is guided by HIS
living Spirit within them, can do these things.

Christ himself said of us..."even as I have recieved of My Father, so ye also shall recieve."
From who?  His Father. By what means? HIS spirit, the Holy Spirit, whom is
the Holy Ghost.

Talking about all things being reconciled unto HIM, and greater works done in HIS
name, think about what Jesus said concerning these things -about how they would be
fulfilled..."Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit"

You can walk through the "open door" Christ Himself has placed before you..
into the Kingdom of God, to know and understand all things, by the spirit,
for it is written..."to you it is given to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of God."
and "a spiritual man understandeth all things" (for he has asked the Holy Spirit
about them)

"The Holy Spirit shall lead men into all truth."

Would you like to know the truth about all things? Even understand fully, the
meanings of the Word of God? HE is not a respecter of person, HE wants you to know
all things, so that you may (By His spirit) overcome all things.
That you may shine HIS light, and not walk in darkness.

"To him that overcometh (by HIS love, and His spirit) will I grant to eat
of the tree of life, and drink freely from the crystal waters. I will make him a pillar
in the community, and give him a new name, and only he whom recieves this
name shall know it."

The tree of life - the leaves thereof are for the healing of the nations.
Are you eating HIS bread? (Christ Jesus -Holy Spirits teaching)

If so, then you are as an Angel of light, sent to reconcile those who are lost
back into right standing, before the LORD.  By obeying the commandments,
you teach others how to be blessed, as well as how to be a blessing unto others.
For the example you set - IS HIS.

'Whether coming or going, ye shall be blessed. Whether ye turn to the
right or the left, ye are blessed. Every work ye do, is even as HE does,
for the cause that HE was sent, IT, has even been passed down unto you,
that your works may be perfect, in the sight of the LORD.

"For this cause was I sent, that I may undo the very works of the Devil."

Bless you for visiting here, in Christs name. Bless you that your eyes
have recieved, HIS eyesalve, "that ye may know the difference between
good and evil."

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