His judgment is Holy. Righteous Judgment IS Holy
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His Judgment Is HOLY!

The LORD spoke something to me yesterday, which I knew instantly

was true: "Righteous Judgment Is Holy" is what HE told me. There are

many scriptures which support this, such as "they whom doeth the will

of My Father, is equal to the holy angels."

Who can do "righteous judgment"? saith the Word..the answer being

NO-ONE besides the spirit of the LORD, (the Spirit Of Truth) and whosoever

is taught by HIM, to follow the leading of the spirit.

Can a man be holy? Yes, and he proves it unto the LORD, everytime the man

"gets out of the way" and lets the spirit of the LORD show him what to do

or say.

This very thing - Jesus did continually. "For I do not mine own will, but the will

of He who sent me."

Why did Jesus say to the man "callest thou me good"?  "There is no good thing

that dwellest in my flesh" The keyword here being IN "my flesh" which proves that

since Jesus WAS a man, his flesh was subject to temptation, and could only be

"overcome" by doing the will of His Father.

"All of My Fathers Words are truth" or "Thy word is truth" (speaking unto His Father)

The word "truth" or old Hebrew root word means (faithful) (Holy) (Righteous judgment)


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