Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

"Before HIS Throne"

I boldly went before HIS throne

Beheld HIS mighty grace

I said OH LORD, whats going on

With these events before my face?

It seems as though sin has increased

For few do seek your way

He said My son

Whats been unleashed

Is recompence today

I said but LORD

Written in Thy Word

You say to reconcile

HE smiled and spoke

They are being awoke

Some slumber yet a while

You see My child, they have yet to see

The plans I have for them

Be not troubled, at what may seem

For I first must polish gems

Though they stumble at the dark

They still will find the light

In each ones time, they shall embark

To find the truth, and sight

As long as they still use their eyes

Instead of using Mine

They snare themselves, in webs of lies

Not knowing they are blind

For when I gifted men with sight

They had to make a choice

To chose to walk in day or night

To heed, or not heed - My voice

I gave them ears, so they could hear

Commands sent from My Son

That they may walk - without no fear

And in ALL things overcome

I know just how to let them know

That their way, will not win

So I let them feed, on what they sow

Untill they look within

And when they find, they are the source

Of every vile affliction

Then they repent, and change their course

And confess each their convictions

In this they prove, that  their own works

just bring them grief and pain

Inso they turn, into My Words

Then I heal, and comfort them

The perfect plan by Mine own hand

Each man does partake in

My words are proved through-out the land

From beginning unto End

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