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                                        "Mystery Of Iniquity"

It is written "the mystery of iniquity doth work."  What is the mystery
of iniquity? Since the fall of Adam, with his fall came the casting of the
"fallen angels" down to the face of the earth.

Gods WORD..IS His power, for it too was sent to do a work (to turn the
hearts of the children back unto the Father)  God is a spirit, His WORD
is a spirit. Jesus: "the words that I speak, they are spirit, and they are

When Jesus resurrected, HIS name was placed above every name,
His power above every power, His dominion above every dominion.
"For all things are under His feet." One of the first things Jesus did
after resurrection was to take the keys of death and hell from the Devil
himself! "For all judgment hath been committed unto the Son"

Jesus: " I hath the keys to hell and death" It is also written in
scriptures "that which Satan intended for evil, hath he (Jesus)
turned into good"

Jesus does not prompt men to do evil - "for His Father hath forbid
HIM to be a minister of sin"    However since "the kingdoms of this
world hath become the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ" and all things

"were made by HIM, for the express intent and purposes of HIS heart"
HE is using HIS power "by his spirit" to UNDO the very works of Satan!
Yes men still have free will, but since Jesus is the "author and finisher
of our faith" it is HIS will that is done. For HE controls the things that
are NOT seen, and "hath command of every spirit"

Remember when Paul said "if I make my bed in hell, thou art there"? 
In the firery trials that each and everyone of us face...Jesus is walking
us through these fires! "I shall never leave you or forsake you"

Think about what the scripture means that says "when a mans work is
tried in the fire, if the work be wrought (worked through) in Christ, he
shall receive a reward. But if his work be not wrought in Christ, his
works shall be burned up, but THE MAN SHALL BE SAVED.

Prophecy had to be fulfilled! Did not the Father say that Satan shall
deceive the whole world? Did not Jesus say "scripture must have
needs, offences must come, but woe unto he by whom they cometh"

Unto Jesus and the Sons/daughters were given the "ministry of
reconcilation" HE gave this power to us so that our "greater works"
would be the very undoing of "that which Satan hath intended for evil"!

So we can see that in our "firery trials" the rod of HIS correction
is upon ALL the "children of disobedience". Behold: "I chastize every
child that I receive" (Jesus)Why do you think it is written "stand not
in the way of sin"?

Not because Jesus condones it, but because out of HIS great love
and mercy for us,HE chastizes us for our own good, to turn our hearts
back unto the Father. When we refuse to believe the truth (Gods Word)
- HE sends derision (backward thinking) inso that we believe a lie,
which brings MORE tribulation, more chastizement!

For "that which a man soweth, that shall he also reap."  Since Jesus
knows the end from the beginning, HE knows how to handle those
who are disobedient - what to give them for their own good, to teach
them not to err.

How could the word say to EVERY man " I know the plans I have for
you, plans for good and not evil, that you may come to an expected
end"? If this were not the case? How could it also say "the end of a
matter is better than the beginning thereof"?
If this were not the case?

Know ye for sure - since the Word says " a broken and contrite spirit,
is the thing which I require" Jesus knows exactly what a man needs to
break his spirit of rebellion. Out of HIS compassion and love for us,
HE will SEND whatsoever is needed to bring it to pass!

The thing which people place before the LORD - whether it be money,
your child, your home, your wife...that thing shall be taken from you,
for the LORD is a jealous God, and HE knows how to deal with iniquity,
to break the spirit of rebellion.

Jesus said: "in the world ye shall have great tribulation" and
"tribulation worketh patience"  This is why we are not to be tangled
up in the ways of the world...HE has commanded us to "come out of
her" and be not partakers of her sins!

How is the last battle in Revelations won? "HE overcame them by
the testimony of HIS mouth"  Gods decrees and Words cannot be
undone!  When HE has declared "love overcometh ALL things" HE
is speaking of HIS love - "by HIS spirit"!
Where HE says "mercy triumpeth over judgment" HE MEANS JUST

As HE has made us ALL to be "as ministers of fire" understand this -
even the fire of HIS wrath is meant to be good - For God is good
and cannot do EVIL.

HE has made us to be HIS Kings and Preists, some to honor some
to dishonor, that HIS spirit fulfilleth all things, and every "matter"
is worked to the expected end that fulfils the intent and purposes
of HIS heart.

Were it not for "HE whom justifieth the ungodly" and HE whos spirit
is as an all consuming fire...the Word of God could not say:
"all flesh shall see My salvation" and "if I be lifted up, ALL men shall
be drawn unto Me"

Know ye this..there is a great price to pay for sin - even while your
flesh is alive, so to continue in disobedience unto the LORD, means
that the WORD is judging you, and as long as ye continue  in iniquity -

one shall suffer great afflictions, oppressions, many stripes, tribulations
and perilious times, UNTILL HE breaks the spirit of disobedience,
and purges you in the fire of HIS wrath, from all iniquity.

This is why he sayeth: choose blessings, not cursings! For "each in
His own time" shall we all give an account unto the LORD. When you
obey - you are NOT judged, for the account you give as HIS witness,
is Holy and true. But when you disobey the account you give is evil
and sin, and causes the rod of HIS loving correction to be upon you.
Hath HE not said "the evil they do shall return back upon their own

Can ANYONE show me a SINGLE EXAMPLE, of one who sows blessings
and reaps curses. Or can one show ANY EXAMPLE of one who sows evil,
and reaps blessings?

NO - it cannot be done - for God keeps HIS words "there shall no evil
happen to the just" The watchman is set (Christ) to SEE that HIS
Fathers word is performed, and it NEVER fails to do exactly what HE

said it would, nor will it EVER fail. Praise and Glory
to Christ Jesus Holy name, forever and ever!! Amen!     ManofGod

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