Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

GOLDEN CHALICE                (text picture poem)

 Remember the Prophet who's forehead the LORD made "as hard as flint"
to speak unto the people: You will drink of My Cup. Of course we understand that HE was speaking of His cup of judgment. For HE will
not force His will upon any, but His judgments are upon us ALL!

For those whom obey His commands, we drink from His cup of wine
that is His judgments, which are ALL a blessing, after all that is where
righteous judgment cometh from, His cup.

For those whom refuse the Truth, they still nonetheless drink from His
cup, but it is His cup of wrath "poured out without mixture" (Rev)

I got the idea for this chalice shaped poem, yesterday as I was reading
a friends V shaped Christian poem. 

                           Within the chambers, Are inscribed
                            As firey embers, made alive. Your
                              cup is spilled, as I am filled, By
                                what You've placed, inside!!
                                  Countenance changed, is
                                    rearranged,most high.
                                      Forever thanks unto
                                        As I embrace You
                                         I dine, on wine
                                           As We Sup
                                             For if not
                                              I've got
                                  The chalice of, the bitter cup
                                  and malice of a poisoned sup

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