Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

     "On The Cross"  (Inspirational Poetry)      

His face was strained, His body drained
As HE hung there on the cross

HIS eyes were fixed towards heaven, and remained
As if looking, for something that was lost

His anguish bored into my heart, as I knew, HE had
Been wronged

For mercy and grace, As I beheld His face
HE looked as if HE was....GODS SON

Some people mocked, as some were shocked
Saying surely, HE will save Himself

But HE just hung, HIS body numb
From the torture, HE'D been dealt

The sky grew dark, The winds got harsh
It was if, the very earth, had knew

When HE said forgive, FATHER forgive
For they know not what they do

Then with one last breath, This is what HE said
Loud enough for most to hear it

And I nearly choked, At the words HE spoke
Into THY hands, I commit My spirit

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