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As you all have known whom have read the post in
this site named "Biblical Newsletters", the LORD
has placed it into my heart to send free newsletters to whosoever requests.

Also as well if you wish for personal insight
about events that are ongoing in your life that
the LORD has yet to give you understanding about
simply write me or call me, and I will personally
give free cousel and prayer for as many whom ask.

As I do nothing in my own strength, but all
things in the strength that HE freely gives, I
will say nothing or do nothing concerning a word
of knowledge, or counsel, without asking the
living God first.

In this I not only prove to the LORD that I love Him enough to keep Him first in all things, but
it also keeps the communication from Him flowing

For the LORD says in His Word, to those whom obey
Me, I will answer them whilst they are yet
speaking. And as well " I will withold no good

How much more is our heavenly Father willing to
give those whom put His will and ways first?
There is no limit to the amount of blessing one
can receive whom obeys.

When Solomon was asked of the LORD "what is it that thou would have me do for you" the LORD
asked Him this after he had sacrificed some
10,000 offerings.
Solomon requested of the LORD "wisom my LORD, that
I may rightly judge between the people"
This pleased the LORD for HE said unto Him:
"because thou hast not asked for great riches,
nor the heads of thine enemies, nor long life,
but have asked for wisdom and righteous judgment.
I shall give thee all of these things" and the
rest we know from scriptures, not only did he
become the richest man on the planet at the time,

He was also the wisest! Since the LORD is not a
respecter of persons, these things HE will not withold from as many whom do His will.

"Ask and ye shall receive" for there is no thing the LORD will do for me, that HE is not willing
to do for you!

If you wish to receive this free newsletter, simply email me and request it.


or go to the second page under the Main menu (Poetic Holy Spirit)

at the bottom of the page you will see a box to enter you email

address in, and your name. If you prefer a prophetic more


personal letter, concerning you, email me a breif outline of what

is now taking place in your life, and HE will give me your answer.











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