Holy Spirit Bible Meanings


To seek out His voice

Prove to Him, HE is first choice

Just submit to His ways

And HE will guide you, each day

For HE makes all things NEW

As His love courses through

The old way afflicts

Where His new way, uplifts

Let His re-new your precepts

So that you learn just to bless:

He is watching and waiting

To see you lift up your hands

To give Him glorious honor

Just obey His commands

Do not tell HIM you love HIM

You must PROVE that you do

When He is first in your actions

His voice guides you through

For HE sees your reactions

And the way you respond

Everytime HE checks spirits

HE knows from, where they come

It is not hard to learn,

and to be taught of HIM

All HE asks is submission,

decide nothing without HIM

To do this you prove,

His Kingdom comes first

He will rain down great blessings

Upon you, and those yours,

Blessed in your goings,

His protection surrounds

Be immmersed in HIS wisdom,

and in His love you'll abound

So if you've been filled,

by the misery of men

Then HE knows you are ready,

to turn unto HIM

Great wealth, don't bring peace

For you can't buy your health

But you can buy without money

The favor of HIS wealth

Take HIS cup of communion

And of His bread, partake

He will lead you from troubles

And give you joy, that can't hate

As the author and finisher,

HE always know best

So cast to HIM cares,

and HE gives you His rest

His Kingdom is before you,

By faith enter in

He will give you white robes

To walk in HIS righteousness

No pride nor deceit,

can you have before HIM

But great joy in your spirit,

and HIS love within

Do not think HE'S a taker,

For as a servant, HE gives

And for all whom will follow,

HE will show you "HE lives" 




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