Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

For His Glory

Dear brethren
Some may ask, why do you play any music that is not Gospel?
For the glory of the LORD, HE is my audence, as it is HE
whom taught me how to play the guitar,

On the "Gospel Music Showpage" I recently uploaded a video
of me playing Tommy Emmanuels "Angelina". Since the LORD
made all things "for there was no thing made that was not
made by Him". This also includes guitars, and guitar tunes!

I met Tommy personally, just last year. He is a very humble
Christian who simply like me likes to play the guitar,
because it is a fact "music stirs the soul"!

Were not the spirits that troubled Saul, run off when
David played skillfully on his harp? Praise the LORD.

For truly "He hath made all things good".

There will be much more Gospel music coming soon to this
channel as me and Joyce are finishing our second c.d.
titled " I bow To Thee". Glory be to God!

Plus it is just another way of proving that all things are
possible with HIM. For the peice that Tommy wrote
"Angelina" is very difficult to play, yet the LORD taught
it to me WITHOUT TABS. Simply be "ear".


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