Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

Break The Famine !!

Remember beloved when the Word described "a great famine
in the land? The word goes on to explain that this is NOT
the kind of famine in which drought caused hunger.

Instead of that kind of famine, the word is speaking of
a famine caused by the lack of spiritual food (Truth) Jesus
said unto His Father "thy word is truth".

I am speaking not of a lack of Gods word being preached,
but simply a lack of spiritual truth!

"Those whom serve Me, must serve Me in spirit and in truth".

For there be many that "say" but "sayings fall on deaf ears
if those whom are doing the saying are not practicing what
they say or preach.

For are they not hearers only, deceiving their own selves?
The words/works of the Prophets and preachers were often
heeded because they were "doers of the word" not "hearers

These are likened unto one who says "Do as I say, not as I
do". For the LORD hath poured His spirit out upon all flesh
we all have the capacity to become "doers" if we will simply
humble ourselves, and let the Holy Spirit do ALL of the
teaching, quit "judging by appearance" and leaning unto our
own understanding, about what the meanings of Gods Holy
Bible is really saying.

This is something that NO man can do upon his own, for he
has to have the LORDS help in understanding the things which

are Holy and true. This can only be done by "going
the way of the spirit (Holy Spirit) by following Christs
helper (the spirit of truth).

For Christ Himself said " a natural man cannot know the things

of the spirit, for they are spiritually discerned"
"they are foolishness unto them". They neither know or
understand the power of the word and the cross!

This famine I speak of is being washed away, even as I speak.

For the LORD hath promised to bring to naught the
"wisdom" of men, by "catching them in their own craftyness"

He confounds those who are "wise in their own eyes" and
bring confusion of face upon all who place their trust in
the "wisdom" of men instead of HE and His Word.

For a man can know the entire word of God, and yet still
not know Him. When I say "know" I speak of reciting that 

which is written, instead of having a personal relationship
with the Holy Spirit (Christ) and really understanding the
things which are Holy and true. This is how even Satan in
these last days "appeareth as an angel of light".

Have you ever wondered why there is so much division and
differences of opinions in the meanings that are written in the Holy Bible?

This is a direct result of men doing exactly what HE said
they would do..."the falling away spoken of in the word
where men become "waxed cold" haters of the truth, enviers,
backbiters, haters of the things of God.

Caught up in the cares of this world, self-serving, speaking
of the things of the world instead of the things that are
more valuable than fine gold or rubies!

This of course being the wisdom of the LORD! But glory be to the most

High God, for this only proves all the more
that HE has been right all along about everything!

Thank the LORD for in Revelations, just when it seems to be
no hope for mankind (in the eyes of men) HE takes over the
battle and consumes for all-time the unclean spirits that
have picked off of and eaten the flesh of men! HE does this

"not by might,nor by power, but by His spirit" which IS the
very spirit of LOVE, mercy truth and goodness! "For HE
consumes them with the testimony of His mouth! While the
same time the full glory of Gods fullness is made manifest
in the sight of all men,

He uses men (angels, whom have spiritually "died to their
flesh" to show Himself mighty! Has he not promised in His
word "that HE shall do no thing, lest HE lets His Prophets
know first" For HE nor, His word changes not! "He is the same, today,

tomorrow, and forever as HE has always been!

For it is written "and they overcame him (Satan) by the
testimony of His mouth" which the 144,000 whom stood on
mount Zion "whom God hath placed on their foreheads His seal
and they follow the Lamb whithersoever HE goeth, these have

"the testimony of Christ Jesus, and keep the commandments
of God" these are they whom hath part in the first
resurrection! For Revelations says: "Blessed and Holy is he
whom taketh part in the first resurrection".

How can a man taketh part in the first resurrection? Simply
by obeying the commandments of God, HE makes them Holy and
they cannot help but teach and show fourth the fullness of
the glory of God, for that "which is in part" has been done
away with!

These "raise the standard" set by Christ Himself by doing
nothing own their own, but only that which HE tells them to do.

In doing so, Satan is cast down, for he has no power over them whatsoever!

They raise the spiritually dead, heal the sick, open deaf
ears to the truth of the Gospel, and by having "the very
righteousness of Christ" they conquer all, for it is written
" Love conquereth all things". These do righteous judgment

and this is how the scripture is fulfilled where Christ
spoke "Till I send fourth judgment into victory"
Did not Paul say concerning US that "the day shall come in
which we shall judge the holy angels" of course this is NOT

with our own judgment, but the WORDS judgment that only
Christ through the Holy Spirit can give us!

Hath Christ not said "I judge no man, for the very same WORD
which I speak, shall judge him in the last day".

If you love the LORD and obey His commandments, this is why
HE hath chosen YOU to do the same as well !

This is also why it is written "that as in the days of Noah
when the waters covered the earth, so shall My righteousness
cover it"

And as well "ye have no need that any man teach you anything
for ALL SHALL KNOW ME" and as well " no man shall have need

to say unto his brother, know God, nor shall he have any
need to teach his neighbor anything!

Christ Himself, through the Holy Spirit and the Father
shall teach all men, all things!!!! Glory be to God!

Hath Christ not spoken saying "ye have but ONE teacher, and
HE is in heaven" and as well

"Even as I have received of My Father, so shall ye also

My brothers and sisters, ALL of this is happening exactly
the way the word of God, said it would ! It is ALL by FAITH
and believing in that which is already written in the Bible.

But to understand any of this, we first have to let Jesus
overcome our sin nature, for as long as there is present
sin that has not been confessed and forgiven, NONE of this
can be received nor understood. For sin, BLINDS us to the
truth, and keeps us from seeing what the LORD is doing
right here on earth, right before our very eyes!

For did not Christ himself say " I prepare My table, in the
sight of mine enemies".

The reason HE does this, and is still doing it today, is because

NONE who are living in unconfessed sin would EVER
believe it, nor even come close to understanding it, for HE
"has them in derision" (backward thinking which is outside
of faith, and SIN itself !!!

The reason HE can and does do this is because "a broken
and contrite spirit, is the thing which I require"

Why would HE whom is holy, CAUSE any man to believe a lie?
Because HE knows the "end of the matter" and that the evil
ye sow in so doing this, will come back upon your own head

"For it is not the will of the Father, that any man should perish,

but come to the knowledge of the truth".

Is not His plan of salvation perfect? Even as HE is perfect?


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