Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

Biblical Newsletters

The LORD has laid it on my heart, to write personal
words of healing, prayer, insight (revelation by HIS

Spirit) to as many whom would contact me with questions
or just need help. As always, only HE sees ALL and knows

ALL. About everything that is going on in your lives, HE
has a personal word, answer and soloution! HE will fight
your battles for you, and demand the Devil to take his

hands off of your life! Simply put all of your trust, in
HIM. Write me and I will personally inquire (pray) for

"For the Sons of man hath the power to forgive sin" (KJV)
(Through making intercession for you to our LORD, Jesus
Christ) Sincerely ManofGod (318)325-7586

As this whole website speaks for itself but not of itself
but Christ Jesus, Holy Spirit, and the Father. Every line
of thought and communication, gives glory to Christ and

His Father, and their PERFECT plan for salvation. I only
ask all readers to receive the Holy Ghost, by confessing
Christ, giving forgiveness unto others, and firstly

getting forgiveness from the Father of past sin. In doing
this they can take their Holy Bibles, and perceive the
very same truths written herein for themselves.

"For ye are My witnesses" saith the LORD of Hosts, and
you have the One True Witness yourself (living in your
heart) Repent, the Kingdom of God is now, and all whom are
of His truth, shall hear His voice.

To mail me for any reason my address is:

Stephen Monday
113 Colette Drive
Monroe, Louisiana 71202

I am simply a man who seeks first the Kingdom of God and
His righteousness. It is FOUND when the Spirit of Truth
(Holy Spirit) and the Word of God, come together to do

righteous judgments, and keep the commands of the Father,
YOU can also have the testimony of Christ Jesus! For this

is what ALL (whomsoever will) overcomers have. The Holy
Spirit and the Word Of God, their sword.

For by these two, the enemy cannot do NOTHING to you,
save to "test" your spirit too "see" if it be from the

LORD. For when it is - HE FLEES IN TERROR!
Please sign the guestbook, and request a personal word for
your life. As the LORD says in His Word " I will withhold

no good thing". "For I know the plans I have concerning
you, plans for good and not for evil".

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