Holy Spirit Bible Meanings


Dearly Beloved, It is written in My Fathers Word "seek ye
first, the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all
of these things (material things) shall be added unto you".

Would the Holy Spirit of the LORD, tell us to search for
the Kingdom of God, first, if it were not ON the face of
the earth to be found?

Of course HE would NOT, for HIS word says: God cannot tell
a lie!

First know ye this, that the word also says:" men search the
world, seeking truth, AND FINDING IT NOT"

Is the LORD contradicting Himself? HEAVEN FORBID! For it is
not possible, for the HOLY LORD to so do!

What His meaning here is "the world DOES NOT HAVE" THE
The Holy scriptures say that grace and TRUTH, came through
Christ Jesus!

Then how can someone "find" the Kingdom, when the
scriptures say that " Christ ascended, into His Fathers
bosom, and took His seat at the right hand of the Father"?

"Not by might, nor by power, but by My spirit, sayest the
LORD God".

He has already said in His word that "He would withold,
no good thing" to those whom believe, doubting nothing.

How much more of a good thing could one ask for, then when
the Sons of men, ask the Father in Faith, for the holy
Spirit? For IT IS Christs Holy Spirit! It is the comforter

and teacher, whom knows and understands everything, that
is Holy , True, and Good!

One MUST have the Holy Spirit, to "have a teachable spirit"
A "teachable spirit" is one whom submits unto the Son
Christ Jesus, to "walk after His spirit" and be lead of Him

to know, His ways, His will and thoughts, for HE changes
NOT, and will forever be the same, for HE is perect, in
every aspect in the meaning of the word, for HE is Holy!

The word says: without the spirit, there is no
understanding, of the things which are Holy. Every word,
of the bible is Holy, line upon line, precept upon

"For all judgment hath been committed unto the Son" and
also "all things are under His feet" every principality,
every government, every thing ordained of He is Holy.

It hath been sent fourth, to do a work, in which the
"end thereof is better than the beginning thereof" says
the word!

Ist Corinthians says "when that which is perfect is come"
then we shall be able to see clearly, as we look through
the looking glass darkly"

Why is this? simply because of inequity, or unconfessed
sin, or unbelief, blinds us to the truth of the LORDS

What is that "which is perfect" Christs Holy spirit! In
which the LORD hath already poured out upon all flesh! It
is there, but we cannot see it untill, we cast down vain
imaginations, that do not put Him first, in all things.

For it is written (speaking of that which is perfect)
HE will reprove the world of sin (change their thinking
about everything)

Sayest not the word of God "the holy spirit shall lead men
into all truth" brothers and sisters, the only and all
that the LORD is speaking of here is the MEANINGS OF

How did prophecy become fulfilled when the word said "that
in the last days, Satan shall have rule over the entire

This prophecy has already been fulfilled! Since HIS spirit
hath been poured out upon all flesh, HIS (Gods) true
meanings of His holy word are now being revealed! To whom
ye may ask are they revealed?

They are being revealed unto "whomsoever will" submit unto
the LORD Christ Jesus, to know His way/will and discover
that they are exactly the same as His Fathers!

Even as I hath recieved, so shall ye also receive, said
the LORD Christ Jesus. He was speaking to those whom
believed on Him then,

As well as HE is speaking to those whom believe on Him
now! To be taught directly from Him and His Fathers spirit
for His Fathers spirit IS the will and testament of the
Holy bible!

For when Christ spoke to the Pharasees, saying "ye search
the scriptures, thinking that in THEM, ye have life eternal
did HE not say to them (speaking of scriptures) these are
they, which testify of Me!

What HE was trying to point out to them, was that through

It is a free gift, it cannot be earned! Yes we are rewarded
in this lifetime (blessed) by the works HE shows us, and
has us to do, but it is by HE (Christ) and what HE did
alone, that the new covenant was fulfilled.

This is why HE said "if I be lifted up, all men shall be
drawn unto Me" (by the Father) for HE also said "no man
can come unto Me, lest the Father draw him" and also

"all flesh, shall see the salvation of God"
Also 'it is not the will of the Father, that any man should
perish, but all should come to the knowledge of the truth"

And also "every knee shall bow, and every tongue shall
confess that Jesus is LORD"
His word says this more than one time! No devil in Hell,
nor man who speaketh condemnation, can change or stop

this from happening! Yes, Satans angels, shall burn in hell
for ever and ever, for their jugdment is already written!
But is it not the LORD and God alone who said "I shall
have mercy, on whomsoever I shall have mercy"

Did HE not also say that MERCY TRIUMP OVER JUDGMENT?
Hath HE not also said "till I send judgment unto victory"
Know ye not that this judgment is already written?
And that "by His spirit" this judgment is what WE shall
use to judge the holy angels?

Freinds we ARE IN the very last days, Satan tries to appear
as an angel of light, but those whom Christ hath anointed
their eyes with eye salve shall see, and know by their

If the record they bear, in their words and their works
glorify Christ, by putting Him first in all things, and
the LOVE they show for EVERY MAN (whom was created in the
image of God) reconciles them back unto the Father, they
are seated with Him in judgment, at His right hand!

But if they bear record about themselves, and the things of
the world, then their time hath yet to come, for their eyes
have yet to be opened by HIM, these are still in the dark
untill their day cometh!

For HE hath made us "all to be as ministering spirits"
whether we minister light by reconciling the lost, back
unto the Father, or whether we minister dark, are we not
all still commanded by HIM? Yes we make our own minds up
about everything,

But HE who "is the author and finisher of our faith" it is
HE who determines the outcome of every situation! "For that
which Satan intended for evil, hath HE turned unto good"

for "all things worketh for good, to Him who loveth the
Father" for we know and take our joy and peace from
knowing that HE is GOOD, and has a plan for everyone,
which was written, even before the foundation of the earth
was lain! Praise and Glory in the highest to the Lamb of
God!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ManofGod 

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