Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

King James Version Authorized 1611

Since the Holy Bible IS the Word that Jesus used to
Judge "righteous judgment", thus HE was sinless, because
"he laid down His own life for His freinds, and became the
ONLY acceptable sacrifice, to attone for all the sin of
the entire world!

Yes HE was the word, become flesh, but the words HE used
were only those of His Fathers. " Man shall not live by bread

alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the
mouth of the Father"

Every word written in the KJV was inspired by the living
God who gave it to holy blamless men, who lived holy lives
by "doing" the word/work of the Father, through the
teaching of the spirit!

Everyone of us have the ability to live sinless lives, for
Christ Jesus paid the price for all sin. Sure we have all
"sinned and fall short of the glory of God" and our own
righteousness is as filthy rags" so this is WHY

We need to ask forgiveness, invite the Holy Spirit,

and renew our lives and perceptions by being taught of the
spirit. "For without the spirit, there is no unnderstanding of the things which are Holy"

The spirit IS the best teacher, and where the word says:
He will not speaketh of himself, but only bear record of that

which the Father hath written, just as Jesus did!

Once forgiven, and repenting, refraining of evil doing and thinking,

THEN we can walk INTO the Kingdom of God "for I
have made My tabernacle with men"
Christ abides in the heart of every believer, and every
believer, renews their mind to put "on the mind of Christ"

When you do His will/word He will use you to "call the things that be,

as though they were not" That is what faith does!

Use the Fathers voice and His teaching to change
your thinking about everything, then you will FIND HIS
Kingdom, for it is already on the earth!
Whom else can declare the things that have yet to come to pass,

but the spirit of the living God, speak them, and then
have the spirit of Jesus bring them to pass everytime!

"For I have set a watchman over My word, to see that they
are brought to pass" He KEEPS His word, and only those whom
submit unto Christ and put Him first in all things, can
speak His will into being by faith, even as Christ done!

John:17 "For all that thou hast given me, have I gave them"
This is talking about whomsoever will, forsake their own lives,

to become living servants of Christ, this is the ONLY
way, for HE is the way the life and the truth!
The ONLY absolute truth IS ONLY found in the meanings thereof

in the KING JAMES 1611 Authorized version, and only
through obedience to it, by doing it, instead of just speaking it,

can truly have the abundant life Christ Jesus
wants us all to have! Glory be to God, and bless you all!
In Christ Jesus!
The opinions of men are ALL "the lies of the Devil" unless
they are lead by the holy spirit in everything they think and do,

and we can know that it is Jesus speaking to us only by

comparing what He says, to what is written in the
Holy Bible! For God cannot tell a lie!
Who would be foolish enough to NOT learn its meanings
and all of what is written? For if not, everything we do

becomes sin, and gives the Devil a place, to kill steal,
and destroy. Jesus set the example, ALL HE used was

His faith to access by His Fathers spirit, what was written.
To be all of one accord, without contention or divisions
is to do the Word/will of God by NOT accusing our brethren
but forgiving Him, for hath not Jesus given the charge of

His Holy angels to"reconcile the lost, back into good
standing with the Father? Through loving them by example,

and or prayer, without fear or doubt!
In Christ, Stephen Monday

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