Holy Spirit Bible Meanings


As surely as the LORD, wrote His commandments on the stone
His fingers etched His words upon, our hearts, to wit He
His people stand in awe, and witness faithfulness divine
For as HE promised, so HES done, HIS spirit as new wine

As hell gives up her dead each day, HIS light it shines so bright
We shall extol, HIS ways, and do, and dissipate all night
He girds Himself and serves us, The bread that is I AM
His honor, mercy, love, unfolds, His holy virtues plans

We cannot see the things men do, for our eyes have become HIS
We only see, His prophecies, and how HE works each side
For whether on His left or right, HE shows us every purpose
And how all worketh, for His will, to fulfill His intents wise

His joy, His peace, comes from His love, poured out upon all men
His Son and Daughters, know His ways, and take their rest therein
Thank you Father for your light, that makes the dark as day
For in your plan, we stand amazed, to witness, How you do, ALL AS THOU
HAVE SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!

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